The Little Prophet of Love has been receiving messages from Our Lord since the end of May 2019. She has also received messages from God the Father and Our Blessed Mother The Virgin Mary. Since August 2019 Jesus has requested that some messages given are to be released to the world. This mission is for The Salvation of Souls .Jesus suffers by people turning away from him. These blessing filled messages reveal his love and mercy for us all.  

  Oct 19th 5.55pm

After Divine Mercy 


I AM Jesus born incarnate.


....This shall be titled: ‘ Messages from the Lord Jesus Christ to His little prophet of love ‘

I want My son to establish this with pictures to make it more alluring. I do not want My prophets name to be ever revealed. I want bold colours. I do not want you to give your number to anybody.. However you may offer prayer requests.


I AM Jesus 

My love is with you