19th February 2022, 9pm. 

I am your Mother

you are my children.

It’s making me sad

when I see children

in a dark way

How many more will I lose.

Children your prayers were answered

This is your Mother

I love you very much

I bless you

Come to me often

for I am always here

I bless you both,

children you are much loved.

Thank you for all you do

Your Heavenly home awaits

5th December 2021 Angelic Protection Prayer.

One Glorious Mystery Rosary

During the second Divine Mercy…..


Our Lord Jesus interrupted:

My wife’s body formed into the crucifix shape. Her hand in the trinity sign. When my wife first received messages in May 2019 her body would involuntarily form into the crucifix shape.


I am with you My child. You are mine.

I AM Jesus. I thank you.

I love you both so much.

You must keep My love within you.

I AM always in your heart.

Please ask Me when you need Me.

I will always come to you.

Child……..(tears.. my wife’s face reddened with tears...I cried also at Jesus’s sadness


Satan: pointed at husband 

I am not here for your purpose’ ( pointing at husband)…nasty guttural voice much like a wicked old man sound pointing his finger with anger. His mouth gestured angrily and menacingly.


During interference from the enemy husband held Cross of St Benedict and asked Jesus to help and said ‘Immaculate heart of Mary unite our hearts with yours’. I also said Hail Marys in repetition.

He went quite quickly. Usually I feel my heart quicken in fear when he manifests but I didn’t this time. He would like to ruin my wife and hates me helping my wife as I am her spiritual director.

Jesus said that when we first received the messages we will feel times of torment as the enemy will want us to feel bad. Jesus wants us to be at peace. The enemy does not want my wife to receive messages.


 November  12th 2021


You are Mine My child.

Yes ,I AM Jesus.

Children place Me in your hearts. I lay with you, I seek you children.

Every moment is a blessing from Me.

Children, do not look for items that cause you stress. Be of a humble mind. I choose you, I choose you because of this.

This life is not forever.

If only My loved ones could see the pain I have to go through. Love Me above everything in this world. I speak with a soft tone. I speak for you My children. I take time to allow My children to come to Me. You all need My love.

Jesus is the only way.


Place each day in My light






Angelic Protection Prayer

The Litany of The Precious blood

Divine Mercy


6th Of November 2021

9.20 pm


My children, you are Mine. I love you both. Love, love, love. I AM Jesus, This is Me! You are Mine.

My children, take My hand. You are both on this path together. Keep Me in your love. There is not much time left. I AM coming to you soon.Children you must be prepared. I want you to stop doing what you shouldn't. .........No one loves Me as they should.

Take all I give you child, I AM calling you My child. My child You are My daughter, I call you. 

I love you, thank you, your prayers are heard. My son you are Mine. Be at peace.Be at peace 

I bless you both 

You are Mine 





23rd July 2021. 3.56pm



During the Divine Mercy Chaplet Jesus spoke



Please children take My hand. You are being deceived. Please pray. My time is close. I have little time now to bring My children to Me. This place I want you to be in is so full of joy. You are being deceived children.

I AM your God

How many times am I to be there prompting? I should always have a place in your hearts. I, this is Me, I AM, I AM Jesus. I know how much you all suffer. I AM waiting for you to speak with Me.

Now is the time children. You are Mine.




Wednesday 9Th June 2021


After The Divine Mercy Chaplet


Yes, I want My child. You love, you are so treasured. You please Me. This will be a time of preparation. You must always be in a way of pleasing Me. You are treasured. This, children is Jesus. Have you been pleasing Me? 

Too, too many children walk a wrong path. I AM your Creator. Choose Me and I will love you more. Let’s pray children. You know we have a time of difficulties. Look around and see who is My child. This upsets your Jesus. This is not a world of love. Children come to Me. I can help you.

This looks too tiresome for many.





27th May 2021



Yes, My love you may write. I want My children to pray. This will be their wakeful time. This chance to pray in My churches is not for long. You are not following My path! This generation is heading for hell. Look around and see. This world is not a good one. Look...why do you offend Me? Love one another. I will return. You must be awake. Then we can choose; My kingdom or My enemies. This is Jesus and I AM not happy. Children please Me. Pray, pray pray.

I will bless you child. I AM returning. I want My love to be with all of you. 

Thank you 
30th March 2021 10.54am



Let’s begin. I AM Jesus. You please Me child. You are an example. Children these days have lost their ways. This is not going to end well for many. Children, where are you? This, children has to stop!                    


Look around children, these times have been spoken of. Children you have all become unrecognizable. Though I have some, I have a small number. I wait but My patience has lost its length.
This is your Jesus.
My love I will not speak anymore. I AM saddened. This will never be again. My last chance to ask you children. I want everyone to come home. Luck, luck will not be on your side. Listen, walk in My ways. Please. I love every child. Place Me, Me ‘Jesus’ in your life. I will come again and I AM going to take My own. Prepare children. 
I love you.
I AM Jesus.
After the Divine Mercy 
Plus, prayer for a Spiritual Canopy 
Love, My children, I speak to My children. I want a child who loves Me. This is Jesus. Later....later...people always put Me off. I AM ignored. I AM not thought of. Later, when you are ready, love Me. This is Jesus. I will not wait any longer. When My Warning is here, you will all realise the truth!  Many will realise how they have sinned. This time now you must prepare. Children how long must I knock? This will be My last message to you (through the Little Prophet) My children of this world. This will sorrow many of My children, but I can tell you times will change for the better. 
I will always be your Jesus My children. 
In the Name of The Father and Of the Son and Of the Holy Spirit.
Extra from Jesus: This message is My last for the public. Then I will refrain from giving them words. I will never abandon you children.
After the Divine Mercy 
and The Litany of The Saints.
Yes, My child I speak with authority. I AM Jesus. I love you very much child. Please realise I AM so close to you.
Children have not listened. They will suffer. Let’s begin each day by praying to Me. When you pray you have protection. I listen, I AM always present. I come soon and you will all be aware of how you offend Me. Let My presence surround you now. Please pray, that is what I desire. This world is so dark, My children are confused. I will be there in My full glory and you will all bow down. This will be My time to show you I AM truly present. This day will shock many. Leave your worries at the foot of My cross. Believe, believe in Me. This world is not ever returning to normality. Let your focus be on Me. Children leave your worries. Place everything in My sacred heart. Children you have time but the time is very short. 
Later when you are on your own 
pray from your hearts.
Wait, wait for My promptings.
In the Name of The Father and Of the Son and Of the Holy Spirit.
August 30th 2020
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet, St Michael Long-form and The Litany of the Name of Jesus.
My child, yes Jesus is here. You have been faithful to Me. I AM pleased that you pray in this way. It’s difficult to love Me sometimes. I know you have had a challenging week. I will be with you and everything you have worried about I will take care of. I know children are behaving in a difficult manner. I can see so much sin spreading. This will not last forever children. The darkness that is now being poured upon this earth; I have allowed. This will then be taken away and I will bring My light. Then children I have given you a life of peace. Then I will let peace reign. This children is a window of the future to come. Place your lives before Me. I can see each heart. I AM God, I can see how you think. This is Me your Father. I want to say how little time there is now. This is a time when you should all confess your sins. I want a clean soul. Be children who love Me, not children who hate Me. I AM saddened, this world is so sinful. Pick up your crosses. Come I will give you rest, like I will always love you and I want you to love Me. 
Love is Me.
This is Jesus and I give you My love. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit 
19th August 2020
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
 Wake up My children. It’s Jesus, He needs to speak to you all.
This is not a time to carry on living as if you are in a normal time. It’s a difficult time for many. Please take time to spend with Me. I children AM always with you. This will progress into a frightful event. Listen please. Do not be taken by the evil one. I AM giving you all a chance. Please prepare because there is no time left. I want you all to be awake. You know that this life is short. I ask that you prepare your souls for this big event. This day will be a frightening time. If you stay close, I will look after you.
I never leave My children orphans.
This is Jesus, I AM returning very soon.
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
11th August 2020
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus, I love you very much.
I want My children to prepare for what is to come. I AM always with you children. It’s not always easy to please The Father. It’s a trying time for everyone, and when the world is dark how can we see clearly. Each one of you has to pray more now than ever. It’s urgent and you must listen. This will come. This time has come. Low and behold for you do not listen to Me. Children you must see how you are offending Me.
Let’s begin each day
and pray from your hearts.
Place Me in your lives. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
9th August 2020
After the Divine Mercy 
Note: We had confession yesterday. The priest we personally like as he is very friendly. Unfortunately, he is very liberal. So, we have to keep our real feelings quiet: 
May My presence be with you. I want you to be happy child. I want a home where you are all with peace. Child do not fear. Make each day a day of loving Me.
Yes, times are now at a dark point. You must be aware that people are not what they seem. Yes, I speak of him. This man will not survive. He has not been a good shepherd. Outwardly he looks kind. Yes, anyone can look kind! He has not thought correctly. I AM glad that you and My son are not taken in by his influence. I want you to pray. He will not live with Me. Loving each child is good but you must respect Me. Having a position like this he has so much responsibility. 
I AM not happy with My children. This world is not happy. This world is not a good place. Now, I will tell you that shortly people will be shocked. It’s going to be a day, a day of repentance. I have warned you children many times, please, please repent. This day will be a time that has never been known before. I AM going to take some children back home. It will be a day that you will need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 
Let’s pray and be in a state of grace. 
I AM Jesus and I come again.
You are My children.
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
August 2nd 2020
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
My child, you have much to love. You are chosen. Yes love, My child I speak. I AM Jesus.
Thank you, I thank you for praying My chaplet. Many souls you have prayed for will be saved. Loving each person, I know it’s difficult. Children never bare a grudge. Listen, I speak plain words. Never do unto another harm. Whether a person has caused pain. I can heal. Do not go down the wrong avenue. He (satan ) wants to cause pain. Please children be like children. Innocence comes from Me. 
Loving each one and I will bless you. 
I My love will speak some words for you.
Loving is what I AM. There is so much in this world that is not of Me. There will be a time...and this time is what you’ve longed for. Each day draws closer. Then you will be happy. Till then My child pray.
Take My hand 
I love you; I love you.
LP: Thank you Jesus, I love you too.
In The Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
 31st July 2020
7.45pm After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
My child, yes you are Mine. You My child have given Me more than most. It is always a disappointment in life when people do not act justly. I will give you all My strength. 
You in life have suffered. Each person has their cross. Love is harder for those who do not know Me. Please take Me by My hand. Love, love is what I need. Please listen to Me... AM I not truth? World you have limited time. Next week I AM going to withdraw a little from this world. This is whether My children pray more to Me. Stop with quarrelling about what is truth. Neither is it a worthy exercise for most. Listen, love, truth... then you can say Heaven is worthy of you. 
To Little Prophets Husband:
I want My son to be at peace. Wait patiently, wait patiently. My love I will take care with you both. You are both cherished by Me. Nothing can go wrong. I love you. 
This is Yeshua. I AM your Jesus, please lift up your arms and follow Me.
Listen I AM returning.
Love one another and be at peace.
In The Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
25th July 2020
Yes, I AM your Jesus. Thank you, thank you for being a child who loves Me. I AM ignored by so many. I AM frowned upon by children who say they love Me. It’s in My interest that children offer themselves to Me.
Each day draws closer to the events spoken of for many years now. This event coming will shock most children so much. I will be waiting for every one ‘Yes’. I know My children do not love Me in this world. Paying homage to satan is not what I want! Place Me before everything. This is way too far now children. I cannot carry on watching you all fall. Each soul that goes to hell is breaking My heart. Aren’t you worried for yourselves? 
I defend those that love Me. Each soul that loves Me, I place in the depths of My heart. I will place you in Heaven children. You will be satisfied, all your worries gone. This world creates fear. You are all designed to be with Me. Each hair on your head I know. I welcome anyone who follows My path. I want a prayerful nation. Each one of you has a duty to pray. The saints in Heaven are praying for you. Love each person you meet. This time next year will be quite different from now. Take My hand. Beware of the enemy. He has broken the law of My Father. He loves to see mankind suffer. I detest the actions I see from those who follow him. This wrecks people’s lives. You have been warned! I AM coming and I will take those who love Me to Heaven and show what it has for them. Yes, it is there. Each soul who loves Me has a prepared place.
I want souls. 
I bless you with My love. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus. You have My blessing. Yes, these days can be a little monotonous. I can say this will be until My return. 
I walk and I see how people are ruining their souls. It’s so distressing to know that these people are damned. With this knowledge I will be the forerunner. I want everyone to acknowledge Me. You have not done what I asked children.
With the closing of My churches much of this has been because of the deceiver and now they open and I do not know them. It’s so sorrowful to see My flock walk in separate ways. 
Oh no, when My Warning comes, I will tell each of you the truth. Place prayer in your lives NOW. I have spoken now about you children talking to Me. I sadden when I AM ignored.
Be warriors of My kingdom. Jesus is with you all. I love every one of you. 
Place Me in the front of your hearts.
Be at peace My child.
My love you are treasured 
I bless you all 
30th June 2020
After the Divine Mercy 
‘How to advise parents about the great Warning. Message for parents.’
Yes, it is a concerning matter.
This will happen for children who are over the age of seven. This time of My coming will be the place I set for My children.
However, My little ones will be asleep. They will not be aware of this, that everybody will go through (The Great Warning). I look after My innocent children. They already have a place in My kingdom. This means that this Warning is not necessary for their souls.
I want parents to protect their offspring from the dangers of this world.
This is My wording. Till this time pray. 
I would like to bless all My children from birth to adulthood. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
28th June 2020
After the Divine Mercy
Listen the wind is howling. Make My presence in your home the light of all.
Never has there been a time like this in all of history. ‘Left’* is never what I want. I AM placed in a cupboard and ignored. It’s this worry of man deciding what is right. I can tell you these people will be suffering at their Warning experience. They are so far from the truth. It’s a shame they live like this. I never leave My little ones. I will never turn them away ‘If’ they repent. Please do not become too disheartened as this is only the beginning. I will protect you both and all My followers from this evil.
Let’s begin a new day and be positive. Life is worth the suffering as I only give life. This is My way of encouraging you. I want to thank My son* because you have fight in you for Me. My apostle Peter he was like this. 
Children look......because there is little time left. This is one of My messages that will show you I AM coming now. Have your souls prepared. Change your ways, repent, love each other and your enemy. Place Me in your hearts. Thank you, child, I AM Jesus and I AM always always with you. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
You are My child; I would like you to write these words. I place My people in places that are safe. Your life will change dramatically. I AM Jesus. This time in human history is able to change because of people’s prayers. Islam is not My religion. It’s overtaking Christianity. I stand and watch as My people are becoming so insecure about life. Ask My love, I will be there. I want a life that’s fulfilled to Me. More children need My love. Plough your thoughts towards Me. Listen, listen to Me. It’s not My torment that troubles Me, I look and I see that people are so weary of life. In your country you can see that it is violent. Neither do you want this. No, you want peace little one. It seems so normal now to not believe in Me. Place your hearts in Holy Love. Playing the devils tunes are not My liking. 
Love, love each person you meet. Your mission is to seek My love. If you do this you are creating a path towards My Father. Every soul is beloved of Me. It’s My chance now to take many children to My Father. Playing again My children... if you want time to be with Me, talk to Me. Love Me, cherish the time we can do this. Love, love My words. It’s My love that takes you away from the evils. It’s dark in your world children, it’s clouded with dark clouds. Love, I have said this and I will repeat this until I see you all coming to Me. I tell you My enemy is dancing! He is enjoying his hour. No, no this will come to an end. Look forward to what I have for you. This is My love. Be one with My Father. Children I love each of you. My little one. This is Jesus.
I bless all of you 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
After St Jude St Raphael Litanies and two Divine Mercies.
Jesus: I want My children to repent. Yes, My love this is your Jesus. You have much to be thankful for. This is My work. I want you to think of Me. I am always able to help you. If My children turn towards Me....
Growling hissing and threatening tone: 
‘Don’t do this...,
Little Prophet placed the St Benedict cross on her head.
‘With this gift he will be able to end any communication if he wins. My child My love is for you. Walk in My ways.
 4th June 2020
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
You may begin. Yes, I come as Jesus the Peace maker. I make My presence felt in different manners. Each week that goes by plays a closer time for My Warning. Week after week it’s being lessened. You are all so blind. This is not a time to be blind children. King of this world I AM! Make peace amongst yourselves and Me. Oh My loves you will be in a state of shock when this happens. Take this opportunity to My children of love. Stop making peace a thing of the past. I want a true people. Not children that have been misguided. I want a world of love. You will be in this one day if you choose Me. Pay attention to My words. I speak to those who listen. I speak with love. Will you follow Me?
You may ask Me a question child. 
You child, you worry. I will bring people to your path that will be able to drive you there. I will be with you. No, you will not have resistance (daughters) from them. You will have to leave in a month that is close to My birth. You are taking My lines and you are to be believing in My words. I children of light will be with every child. It’s My task, this will happen. On this day a great light will appear. With this I will send a cross. You will look and be in a state of pure repentance.
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
27th May 2020
 11.21am After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
You are My child. I want a ‘peace’ within you. Jesus is speaking to you now. Place every worry forward to Me. 
Planes, planes will go to a place to cause war. Children have not learnt. Playing games with the enemy. Oh, please stop war!This will come and people will perish. This will be sooner than you think. Playing, playing with people’s minds. This will occur when this world is in turmoil. Children you think you escaped this pandemic and you are free, but this will not last. Waking up and realizing how much I govern this earth will be your ‘heaven path’. This will be a chance to repent. 
After Litany of the Passion and Litany of the Holy Spirit:
When I speak child... listen. Please, please pray. With prayer I can do so much. I will give you what you need. 
I will give My son employment. He must search thoroughly. Yes, I will be a God of Love. Because you follow My commandments, I can provide love for you and when people stray this causes conflict. I cannot be in them.
I AM going to bring My Warning this autumn. It’s a chance to repent, it’s a day of mercy. It’s a time to reflect. It’s a busy time for those who love Me. I know child you worry. You will be comforted by Me when you see Me. I will reveal My true self and you will be absolutely loving every moment. 
I love My children. Do not doubt me for one moment. This is My gift. Wake up and come to Me. Give your ‘yes’ to Me. Will you do this children? I have a heart filled with compassion. With My servants I show love.’ Ask’ little ones, I have said this before. Pray, pray much.
This love is precious.
I will bless you little one. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
25th May 2020 12.13pm
After Consecration to the Trinity, The Divine Mercy. 
Note: we never know when Jesus will speak. Working out averages doesn’t apply. Today I recorded by video and audio the words but my I phone data hampered the recording as it was full so only bits of a message are recorded. Of course, we were upset with ourselves for not having a pen and paper with us. We were praying in the country side in a quiet secluded area.
.... please be patient, I AM always with you. At a time in this world, I will always cherish the moments I can speak. This is a chance to put My words out into this world. This world (sadness in voice) is so sad. This world is not My world. It is a place of sin. 
I AM Jesus, you are being obedient. You must know I can see everything you do, everything you say, everything you think.
(Jesus discusses the siblings of the Little Prophet) ... but I can only do this with help. If they place their trust in Me, I will assure them life. Place them in your prayers. You must realize that they do not have gifts.
.....Ask Me for help little one. You are a shining example. Do not think that they are thinking Ill of you. They child love you; you are innocent. I Jesus will not let harm come to you. You have a job, and this job is to lead My people towards Me. Child I AM Jesus.
I have spoken. 
I bless thee. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit
May 11th 2020
After the Divine Mercy 
Ye are My child
Wake up man. Wake up and seek Me. Why are you running away from your God? Will I have to keep prodding you? I do not want you to be woken by a dreadful time. This will have to be fulfilled. I will return and you will all cry out! Walk with Me or be in a sorrowful state. When My Father is ready, he is going to give you a time to repent, then I will give you graces.
I, Jesus have so much mercy. This is being wasted because you do not want Me. When I call you will you ask for forgiveness? This is My time; I will beg no more. Its upon us now. Be ready, be ready children. This is your savior Jesus Christ. Will you accept Me? This I want so much. Don’t be fooled by this world. I love every child that is on this earth. Make reparation and I will forgive you. Will you pray to Me? Anytime in your life and I will be there.
I WARN YOU NOW this is not a joke. Pray from your heart. Meek and humble is the soul I yearn for. 
“Jesus was meek, Jesus is meek.” Follow....follow Me.
I love My children thank you for being My messenger. You are a light and I will gift you many graces.
I Jesus has spoken. 
In the Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit.
Will you be a guide child? I AM with you. You have been chosen by Me to lead My people in the coming months. You are to evangelize My name. This will happen after My warning. This is going to be an amazing time for you. People will be driven to see you and they will want to know Me.
Yes, make a time so you can prepare. You will be driven there. Next time you ask Me I will give you more information. 
 May 2nd 2020
After the Holy Rosary 
and The Divine Mercy
I want to choose a time when you are at peace. It is Me, Jesus. Make time for Me child. Yes, I understand you have more commitments now. You are happier and I AM happy. Yes, I AM so happy when My children are in peace. It’s pleasing to Me. Ask at a time when you are not at peace.  I will stay with you always. Please think of Me often.
Yes, I know what you are thinking- I AM not thought of in this world. No, I AM placed in the garbage. I AM disregarded. If only people knew the outcome of their disgust for Me. Little one, look at My image. I want My children back. Listen everybody to My words. They speak from My heart. Lo and behold if you ignore them. Do you want a darkened soul? You are all chosen to live with Me. It is so much happier to live in a place of light. Until you do so, I will still be with you.
Listen...can you hear the thunder? Yes, it is rumbling. This will be a sign. Look I will send My children into a different place, and this place will not be comfortable.
Let’s always choose the light. Ask and you shall receive. Make reparation for your sins.
‘Warnings’ ‘warnings. Let’s not be the ones that are asleep.
Thank you, My child, 
I will now bless you. 
In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit
20thApril 2020
After Consecration to the Three Divine Persons 
and Divine Mercy Chaplet:
I want to bring peace. I AM Jesus, I AM your Jesus. I come today to bless you both. Children you know that these days are close to My return. You have been given a chance to live in a way that is different to others but you are finding this time easier than most. This is going to be your life now for some time. I AM moulding you.
 When My return happens people will be unaware that this has to happen. I will not allow My world to continue like this. This is not a world of peace. Pray, pray from your heart. I AM going to give you time to reflect upon your sins. Do this and then confess. I will be telling each person at the time of My Warning to not accept the mark of the beast. Do not take this.
I AM always with you. Prepare your souls for this time. I make My promises, I have a place for each of you in the next life. You need to know I AM the only way, follow Me.
I AM your God. Do not accept false gods. I AM always here even if you do not realize this. 
Children I await you all, there is so much to look forward to. 
I AM Jesus 
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit.
                                                                                                   April 17th
After Four divine mercies and consecration to the three divine persons.
 Please please remember that I AM with you. You children must know that when the time comes(Warning) you will be given a sign. You will go to a place that is near you but also far from where you expect. Please prepare for this time.
I bless you and I love you both very much 
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit.
Dear Lord please would you be kind to tell us, has the great Warning been brought forward?
Jesus: I AM Jesus. Yes, My Warning has been brought forward.
Question: Was there a link between our suffering periods and the Covid 19 virus?
Jesus: My son this time that you both endured pain was there for souls to be saved, and I used it.
Question: Jesus will the world ever go back to normality again?
Jesus: I AM Jesus and I AM telling you that this world will never be the same again and your daily life will be like this and I will then give My gift. This is of course The Great Warning.
I AM here children, for both of you. 
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit.
I want My children to be aware that I AM walking with them. My children I do not leave you orphans. Ask I have said ask, I will give but you must believe.
Question: What do you want us to do with the messages Jesus?
Jesus: This is how I want them. I want patience. This is how I want My words to go out. You are already doing what I want you to do. 
Question: you’d tell me if I wasn’t, wouldn’t you?
Jesus: Yes of course I would. I AM pleased. 
Question: Are many people looking at the website?
Jesus: Son, I AM happy with what you have done. I bless you.
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit.
                                                                                 13th April 2020 
After 4 Divine Mercies, 2 Rosaries, consecration to the three divine persons, and fasting.
I AM Jesus. More people will be saved. I will take your prayers and I AM going to save people from hell. It’s a blessing that I have given you both. You are My little ones. Keep your souls with Me and do not be influenced by sin. Children I will Bless you.
All I want is My children to follow Me. I AM pleading, this world is going to be filled with darkness.
I will return. Walk in My presence. Which route will you take, My route or My adversaries?
Happiness is when you are filled with light. I do not want to see any dark person’s soul. I want you all to know I cherish each one of you. I want you to know I have not left you. Prepare My children as My Warning is near. Ask Me for anything, I have said I will give. I children love all of you.
I will bless you all now. 
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit
7th April 2020 7.29pm.
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
While walking and praying in country side
Please be with Me. I want My children to honour Me as their Father. 
Take this piece of My love and give this to the world.
I AM going to look after you, you will be safe.
Ask Me for this I will give you peace. 
I do not speak like this to everyone pause and see that I work through children who love Me.
I AM next to you I AM with you, feel My presence, feel My presence walk with Me and feel Me.
Take My hand I AM here. 
Child, I know you are concerned for the future, I can see this. You will be protected. You will be the one who will be the strong person at this time. Your family will flock towards you. I want you to stay pure child, do not do not succumb to the evil one, stay child in a state of grace. 
I Jesus has spoken. 
Ask and it shall be given. My child My Father in heaven is watching, I AM protecting you.
Ask child for whatever you want it will be given if it is for the good of your soul. I know, I know you have not been lucky with work. My son I AM in control and when it happens it will be from Me.
I AM filling you with My love. Ask.
Little Prophet: Father will Boris Johnson survive his illness?
Jesus: I want you to pray for him
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit
                                                                     Monday March 30th 2020
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Psalm 91 
My child, I want you to be happy that I AM calling you. Make this time a way of being close to Me. I AM taking some people away from this world. This is a lesson that I AM the ruler of this world. Please come away from what I do not want. Cherish the people I have placed with you. With more people reliant on others, I want peace in each home. I have been listening to each prayer I receive. This is a very important time in human history. I have now set the place of reckoning. This Warning will come soon. It is for My children. I want each of you to be saved. Please open the door to your hearts. I will enter in My full glory. 
I AM Jesus. I love all of you so much. 
March 18th 2020: After the Divine Mercy 
My little child, I AM your Jesus, yes this is Me. I have come to bring you comfort. There’s always a time to love Me. My children have left Me alone. My house of prayer(church) has left Me too. I AM saddened beyond belief. Children of Mine who love truth need to be aware of what’s to come. No one should have to beg their children to love them. More suffering is waiting. I can change direction if you pray to Me. This has always been My Fathers rule. Pay attention to the time you are in. Make each day that you are healthy a day of prayer. This is what I desire. Then I can collect your offerings and use them. They’ve become so rampant these enemies of Mine. They are changing people’s train of thoughts. Now My services are not how I intend. They have become so lukewarm.
Oh, I pity them (priests). They will have to ask My Fathers forgiveness. Wake up mankind. You do not realize how close you are to the times I have spoken of. I will strip you bare of your belongings. Your lives are but a speckle. 
Take My warning and discover a life of prayer. 
Thank you for reading these words My children.
I AM Jesus and I AM God.
In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit
11th March 
After Divine Mercy
I, My child, AM Jesus born incarnate. I AM a God who sees everything. Every little step I witness. Make a time in your day to pray for those who don’t know Me. Many are born never hearing My name. This is not My intention. I want everyone to know Me and to serve Me. I can give a child so much if they are searching. I see, I see when a child is looking for Me. Every time you see this, I want you to educate. I smile when you do this. I see the love you have for others. This world is slowly decaying. My ‘prayer children’ are protected. This I want because of the demons in this world. Always trust in Me.
I love each one of you. 
I will bless you My child 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
    10th March
After the Divine Mercy 
God the Father:
Child, I speak from heaven. I AM your Father. You must be happy that I speak to you. Your life has been a challenge. I now will release a time of happiness. This will come with a smile. I need you to pray every day for this world. It is suffering. I have been thrown out of My church. This is the time I spoke of many years ago.
I AM asking you to look upon My children and question ‘where are they’? I neither see them in My houses or praying in their homes. This is because of their occupation with this world. I want My world only for Me. No people, no don’t skip with the evil one. Live fruitful lives that please your Father.
This is a message for everyone.
Time is running out for humanity.
Children be obedient to your Father. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
God the Father.
Sunday 8th March 
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate. I AM thankful for the love you show Me. 
I AM so saddened by the behaviour of My children. If only they knew the results of their sins damage their souls. I want My children to believe in My existence. Pause for a moment and reflect. It’s necessary to be still so I can be within you. I chose you child because I knew you loved Me. Ask for much, I AM a generous God. This is My child; she has allowed Me to speak like this. After much suffering I can do this once more. This is a time when My enemy is so strong. He can torment and put doubt in your minds. Then he thinks he has won. I want a child in each of you that prays from your hearts. 
Jesus: My love he wants you to stop so badly. 
I AM the powerful one not him. You are protected My love; he cannot harm you. 
I Jesus have spoken and I will bless you 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
                                                                               March 6th 
After the Divine Mercy the Litany Of precious blood, St Raphael Litany, St Anthony of Padua Litany 
My little one, I love you. Yes, I AM your Jesus. Ye must always be in a clean way. My soul is with you.  I want you to pray for this world. 
Yes, I can speak for My son (husband of Little Prophet). I know he tries hard to please Me. He is My son and I have so much love for him. Lots of prayers are needed. I have given you a love that will bring others to Me. All I need is your patience and perseverance. My love I give to you, ask and it shall be given. Thank you, child, I have come to you as Jesus Christ, this world is in a terrible way. My child I speak from My precious heart. Once My heart is with a child, I will be their Father. Pick up your crosses and come to Me. I await each child to follow Me. Do not engage in gossip. Do not upset your Father. I Jesus have spoken, I Jesus the Nazarene. 
Thank you Love for taking My words.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
March 5th 
After Divine Mercy and Litany to St Joseph 
My child, I AM Jesus born incarnate. You have gone through a difficult time. It’s a cloud that filled you with agony. I pushed him back, back to his dungeon. Every time you wanted the truth he jumped in and spoiled it. I stopped it. It was not pleasant for Me to watch child. Place all your fears over to Me. I will take every prayer over to My Father. You have a mission. You have a job on earth. It’s My chance to place people who need prayer in your path. I AM giving you many years for this. I AM a God who has much mercy. It’s always a wonderful experience to see a soul saved. 
Child, I AM a God of Love. 
My people need Me. Love one another. It’s a wonderful place that has so much to give you. Yes, heaven a paradise of love. My words will give hope. Child, this little gift is suited to you. Whenever I choose a child, I make sure this is the right fitting. Then I lavish My gift with love. I have waited so long to speak like this. This will happen more frequently. Part of this message can be given to My people. 
I AM a God who loves everyone. 
This is My love to you, thank you My little one.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
 6th January 2020
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
More, more prayers are needed. Ye must pray that this world is not devastated. I AM Yeshua and I speak to ask you to pray. Please hear me. Iran is wanting to obliterate the country of America. When I see what is pushing this agenda, I have to seek My powerful ones. My enemy is restless. Even those who love Me are not pleasing at times. Each child must take in what I say. Yes, I warn you, My loves. 
I want prayer. I need your prayers children; I can use them. 
I want My world to be at peace. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After the divine mercy 
My little one, it is Jesus and I have come to speak words. When I draw people to you, I AM in the plan. When you follow Me, I want My words at extreme lengths to flow into the crevices of this world. Place every worry to Me. Am I not the one who can help? My children are at a crucial point in history. Everyone must know how much I AM loving them. I do not leave you as orphans. It’s placed in your souls to want Me. When you are present at a mass you are in the company of so many many angels. This is a tragedy when so many seats are empty . One time I walked this earth and I was banished from home. I know how much life can mean. It comes with sorrow. Do not let this world take over and reject Me. My children are few, My children that love Me are scarce. I went to the ultimate of love in My sacrifice. 
Place all your anxieties, cares, woes in the mass that I AM present in. 
Everyone I AM with you, please think only of Me. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After the divine mercy chaplet 
My little one, you have been chosen and I speak through you. I AM God the Father. Children need to be aware of what is to come. Having looked upon My world it is far from pleasing to Me. I want to speak of the evils of a particular practice. I will punish those involved in this. Ask for forgiveness before it is too late. Yes, this practice involves My enemy. You must not believe that the occult will help you. I AM the Alpha and the Omega. When you are involved in this your soul is on the path to hell. Walk in the footsteps of My beloved Son. It’s enough to have the love he showers upon you. Ye are all welcome in My kingdom. Each one of you are aware that I AM in your lives. Having seen how you are lost children I AM waiting to hear your pleas. It is so wonderful when a soul comes back. It is a challenge to live in this world. More than ask, I will give what is needed for your salvation. I AM a Father of principal. My arms are stretched to see the splendour of My creation. Ahh it is not so. It has been blemished, blemished by My adversary. When I search for children that love Me, I AM always letting Myself down. How long do I wait? 
     Now come to Me, I love each one of you. 
       My blessings are upon you now. 
 In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
My little one, I AM your Jesus. I have been with you child. Every time you pray I AM present. Easy to think I AM not here, as you sometimes do. Every prayer is valuable. Even ones you said when you find it hard. More of My children are not being the way they should. I weep, I weep for My little ones. Never has there been a time in history when I AM ignored as much as now. My church is crumbling. Each fragment is piercing My heart. My children I want you to be worthy and in a state of grace when you receive Me. Each time you receive and you aren’t I AM so sorry that this has happened. I children AM present in My Eucharist. My precious heart is present in My Eucharist, those who think otherwise are mistaken. I beat, I pulsate I AM present. I want each lamb to be fed. I want a world full of children that love Me. I AM being forsaken by those I love. All I need is you!
Pick up, pick up your crosses and follow Me. 
I AM your God. 
I AM Jesus children, listen and partake in what I have said. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
30th December 2019
Prayers: Litanies of Holy Spirit and The Child of Prague, Consecration to the Three Divine Persons.
God the Father:
I AM your Father, yes, I have come to give you some words. Each time I do this I share My love. You have My loving loyalty each day. When do I ever abandon My flock?
Which life do people want when they die? I say this because I need you all to prepare. If I called you tomorrow, which life would you go to? Loving one another is the answer. My Son was not brought into this world for nothing.
War, child is not My doing. I do not propagate this. I want there to be peace talks. When countries are dismantling arms, I shudder to think will there ever be calm. Love is the key I have spoken of so much. No, I AM not a God that wants disharmony. Love each one as yourself. Pray, pray for the leaders of this world. I want you to pray that you are with Me on this. I AM God. This is when you feel love. Wake up children! Do not be so corrupted by the media. It is run by Satan. Little children look to the skies. I look at you all, each one. I AM asking you to put your hands together and pray. When you do, I always listen.
Thank you, child, for writing these words. May you always be My child. Thank you I send My love to each of you.
Blessings pour from My hands.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
God the Father 
More prayers are needed. War is about to happen to this world. I AM the living God. When a soul is chosen, this is appointed by Me. When I choose a soul, I give them many many graces. I ask child that you are always, always in a state of grace. This will happen with strength from Me. When the enemy sees how much you love Me, he wants to destroy this. I want you to be happy child. A Father loves his daughter does he not? I will tell you I see all things. I AM the Master of this world. Yet darkness has covered the majority of it. Yee need to listen to Me children. A new year is about to begin. I need children to come to Me and seek Me. Pour your hearts out and I will cleanse you. This is My love to you all. 
I AM the Father.
 I give you all My Fatherly love. 
Child let these words out and let My children feed from Me. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
Saturday 28th December 2019
After Litanies of the Holy name of Jesus, of the Saints and the Sacred Heart.
My child, I AM Jesus born Incarnate. 
My mercy is in all hearts that want Me. When a soul is searching for Me, I reveal Myself. War is not the answer to problems in this world. This will happen and I AM saddened. War will happen. Pray children, pray for peace. WAR. Children listen to Me. I want prayers from all the faithful. It doesn’t need to happen children. Ask children for My protection. The evil in this world has grown at such a rate. Heaven is praying for each of the faithful. When My little ones examine their conscience, I want them to forgive others. Will you all just do this for your Jesus. Ask and I will give you what is necessary for your souls. All you need is Me. I will protect you; I will be there always for you. My loves I speak through My chosen one. I AM alive and I see everything. Please children, remain in My love. I AM the Christ.
Children I love you all
This is your Jesus 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After 15 St Bridget Prayers and Divine Mercy Chaplet 
God the Father 
I AM God, pick up your pen and write My words. 
More people are becoming foolish. Please pray that this world will make the next generation. What pleasure I can give those who turn to Me. Lord of Gods, I AM He. Children, children stop what you are doing. What really troubles Me is how many of you are going to hell. You have no idea how awful this place is. When you die you are placed in front of Me. I know your hearts. You have to be sure you are on this earth to please Me. You are little children of Mine. Everyone of you counts. I AM the one who is in charge. I AM the Father and I love everyone. All I need is your love. Yes, love, forgiveness. Children I AM a just Father. It’s these messages that are saving souls. I AM God and I bless My people with love.
Ask Me and I will come into your lives.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit 
24th December  2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
Children do not look for Me. I AM ignored. I want love. I AM a God who feels abandoned by all in this world. I try, I prompt. I do all I can to wake a person up. There are only a few who give Me love. This is very upsetting. 
War, War, War is coming. It’s a time to pray children. There is evil that wants to destroy this earth. When this happens, you need to follow your words that I give. Always pray from the heart. You do not realise what is about to come. After this happens, I will bring in My era of peace. Listen to My voice. This is a command. I need to instruct My followers. Have no fear little ones. I take care of My sheep. 
I Jesus AM always with you 
I Bless you. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit 
23rd December 2019
After St Paul, Holy Face of Jesus and Holy Spirit Litanies.
I want the world to know how much I love My children. There is so little time left. Then I will return in My Glory. Keep your souls clean little ones. I need you to be pure. All children of God are required to live clean lives. The lifestyles of many are much to be desired. Darkened souls are easy target for My enemy. You are chosen, you are so humble. These are the souls that are pleasing to Me.
I AM always by your side.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
My child I AM Jesus born Incarnate. 
This is a time to praise Me. It is a time a time to give thanks for The Son of God. He was born to save his children from eternal death. Now when you celebrate think how humble I came into this world. This humble cradle, carried the son of this world. When you are with your families this special day should of course be celebrated because of My birth. Take time to reflect on this. I want all My children to visit Me on My birthday in the tabernacle. Show Me the reverence that a king deserves. Yes, I will be there and I will bless each one of you. More prayers are needed to bring peace to this world. I love My children. I want each soul to come to My kingdom.
Love your neighbour as yourself. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit 
  22nd December 2019
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
God the Father:
My love, you are My chosen one.
You are blessed.
Today, I the Father speak once again. What joy I can give to you, My child. This life is often marred by misery. This child can be prevented by becoming close to me. I can wait for each of you. This God is the true God. I make My promises known. This little one, is a time of preparation. Don’t fear, don’t fear the future. I plan before events happen. Little ones that look to Me with love I hold dear to My heart. Love one another and bring peace to each one’s lives. This life is not long compared to the eternal one. Love, I have everything in the palm of My hand. This is the Father speaking, then you are fully aware that I AM so powerful. Powerful so I can make the decisions. Lord Jesus My Son bore the pain of sin. This should not have been in vain. I want you all to love My son who suffers still for each of you. Make this Christmas time a time to think of him. 
Thank you for reading My words.
Children I AM Love. 
God the Father 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit 
After Litany to St Joseph The Holy Spirit and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
God the Father:
I AM the God of life.
I AM your Father.
You are to be My witness.
You child, speak with love.
Be a person who can draw others to Me.
I AM your God; I see what lies ahead.
Children need to accept Me!
You love, you have My chosen love.
Please realise that this is your Father.
Yes, I speak from the Heavens.
Always pray with love.
Children look, look see what’s ahead.
Pray, always pray.
When a child decides to love Me, you are accepted by Me.
I lovingly hold you in My arms.
My love is vast.
People look where your lives are heading.
Please choose truth.
Please open your hearts to My love, then I can change your lives.
Yes, I can, I AM God, can I not do this?
I AM the eternal Father, yes, I AM.
Choose Me not this world.
I AM love yes, I AM.
You are My little children.
Yes, you are.
Yes, always pray pray to Me.
I can then love and protect you. 
This is Me; this is the Father and I bless you all with My love. 
I love you 
God the Father 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born Incarnate and I AM with you. I want you to be in My Presence. It’s a pleasure My child to speak to you like this. Never allow people to cause you this doubt. Please may I offer you, My love. Children of this world take a step back and think where are you going. There’s always temptation in this life and when you feel this and you are not sure I AM going to help you. Ask and you shall receive. I want each soul to be embraced by My love. How many of My little ones truly know me and when I say this, I say it as so few know me. I watch My little ones go about their lives. I see so many have darkness... that’s penetrating their souls. Please look for me. I AM not hard to find. As soon as you call upon My Name, I AM with you. All I want is souls. I, Jesus AM the Son of the living God. Heaven is a place of pure joy and when I say this, I say this for you all to join Me. This is My promise to all those who want Me as their God. I need your love. Children, I AM the only answer to happiness. This world will bring hardship to body and soul but remember it is I Jesus who will take away your pains. 
Thank you for receiving My words.
My love is for EVERYONE.
I AM Jesus, I love you and I bless you.
In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
My child, I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
It’s a lonely road being My Prophet. It’s sadness that I bring you, My love. I wish My children would accept My words. If a person ridicules you, I AM ridiculed. It’s people that say this that are My children and practice their faith that are crucifying Me again. I My love AM going to give you strength. I AM the one who controls My world. This is not a joyful one. I allow certain events to happen, whether this be people’s lives or the weather. This is often mistaken. This is often My world that does not like My chosen ones. Love, I have been speaking through you. This torment you have been suffering is going to continue. This My child will hurt. This is My word to those who are ‘sorting’ your life in a confused way. This is My plan. Think what needs to be done. I repeat, It’s those who are ridiculing you that are crucifying Me again. This I know is difficult. I love you and I AM going to protect you.
Stay with Me. 
I AM your loving Lord.
In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM your Jesus and I AM born Incarnate.
Please child be at peace. This world is not a caring one. It is breaking down at a fast speed. If a person is being unkind to you, it’s a Christian act to turn the other cheek. Please child know I took all of your problems on when I died on the cross. I suffered the pain of all My children. All the sins, all the pain, I will carry your crosses with ease. I wait for your decision to call upon Me. Once I receive it, I can go about My work. If you have any concerns and do not realise only your Jesus can help then pray, pray, pray. It is the key to life. Please remember I AM a breath away. When children fail to acknowledge My existence, this can leave a gap that My enemy will enter. He is a cunning demon and waits until you are weak. He is not alone. He has many workers for him. These demons each have their own mission. 
Low and behold I AM God, it’s me who can cast them out, not any other way. I will assist you. I love My little children. Darling, take My hand and walk with Me.
I AM Jesus, I AM the living God. 
In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit
After My Divine Mercy Chaplet 
My love I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
I want to say some things about this gift you have. It is a gift given by My grace. I have prepared you for many years for this transaction between us. It’s still a mystery to you My child (slight laugh). It’s a place that you can never really go to whilst on earth. I have given you a portion to see what I AM like in My Glory. I work through your body. I move your limbs, your fingers, your head your feet and toes. I speak through your mouth. Can you see now how I move in you? It is called outer locutions.
Little Prophet of Love:  Why now in my life?
Jesus: My love you are more in a settled environment. You are My Little child. No one can physically or mentally hurt you and child what is to come is for My glory.
People will read these words in the future and be converted.
In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit
After the divine mercy chaplet 
I AM Jesus born Incarnate. 
I AM a God of Love. I don’t want My title to be mistaken. I also AM known as a God of Justice. If only people would realise that one day their lives are going to be reviewed. Please be always at My living light. My light will bring you to Heaven. I place different people in your path in order for you to give them prayers. How many people do you meet who are heading in the wrong direction? This number is higher than you think! When a soul comes before me at judgement, I can see clearly their intentions. I have given them the opportunity to be with Me and I AM often rejected. It’s at that moment they are taken swiftly into the abyss. How would a Father feel to lose a child they knew from birth? I can only weep. There is always, always My Mercy. Please pray for people to accept Me. I AM so filled with love. My Heart deeply loves each of My little ones. Only those who are not in My Presence lacks that oneness with their God. Come to me... I AM Jesus and I AM with you all. I Love you. Children, children look for me, look for me.
In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit 
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
My child I AM Jesus born incarnate.
Please be still and let My Presence be felt. Please know that I AM always with you. If you are feeling hurt, I will be there to comfort you. It’s with My love and your compliance to Me that healing can happen. Pray children. Pray and communication is the ultimate activity you should all strive for. I communicate with all of you and sometimes I reveal myself to you. People, people gather in My name in harmony and unity as this is so very pleasing to me. Every time you are not in a place of peace have knowing that this comes from My enemy. He loves to torment your minds. He also sends armies of demons to surround My children. Oh, My poor children. I see everything. All I want is your attention then I can grant prayers. When you pray, I AM here. I never leave you for one moment. It’s always you who leaves Me. 
Please children 
Please unite in prayer
Father Son and Holy Spirit 
                                                                  15th November 
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
Yes, I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
I want you child to feel at one with Me. You are going to be persecuted for the gifts I have given you. Please My love do not rise to anybody that speaks ill of your gift. I AM giving these to you because you are My humble servant. It’s a very dysfunctional world. It’s because of sin that people are fighting one another and child you are only helping those to grow towards Me. It’s a great sadness that My words will be put down. All My love is for everyone. Those who do not believe in My words are filled with pride. I can see that whenever this happens you will of course feel angry. My child hand it over to Me your God. I children AM a God of love. I speak through My chosen ones. They are filled with My spirit. This is My works, not the works of My enemy. 
 I Jesus have spoken 
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit 
 After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born Incarnate. My love I AM with you. Do not be at war in your mind with this world. When we look at others think of them as your brother and sister. Plenty of times we need to be embraced in love. Children do not know the meaning of love anymore. Please lend one another your hand. Be a light that sparkles so that people come to you. This is My plea to people living in these times. When I speak anything can develop from My words. I want My words to pierce your hearts. It’s the only way I, God, can communicate to his little ones. 
My sons on My altars are not speaking truth and what sadness this brings me. I treasure My sons but they are being led astray. Please pray that My shepherds lead My sheep in the correct way. When a child thirsts for the truth I can lead them but when my shepherds speak falsities My little ones are left in turmoil. 
Pray for truth. If My sons are too much into this world, how can they be good shepherds? 
My children be at peace. 
I, Jesus has spoken.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
 11th November 2019
4.26pm After Divine Mercy Chaplet
My child it is Jesus born Incarnate. 
I want to speak about My ways. I AM often met with confusion in this world. I mean the way I AM perceived. I will not be looked upon as a God who permits every sin. No, I have clear boundaries. I can tell you what sin is. Sin is committing evil and this can be large or small. Sometimes this is intentional and other times it is not. I do not allow any sin into My kingdom. Sin can be in the form of different things. I shall name a few and one is jealousy. If sin has taken over your life it’s a struggle to love Me. Envy is another sin that can eat away at one’s heart. I have spoken to many and I say it again. Do not eat what is not yours. I want you all to be in a loving environment. I gift each of you differently. I give more to some and less to others, and I can tell you in the next life you will understand. I AM not a God who doesn’t want what’s best. If you want what was not given into your hands realize I did not will this. Each one of you has a purpose. I have moulded each of you to my glory. I AM living as a glorified God to some, to others I AM even a fable.
Pick up your crosses and follow Me.
I AM the living God 
Yeshua has spoken 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born Incarnate. I My child have been watching you and I AM saying this to make you realise I AM always with you. My love for you is a love that is pure. I want you to not get annoyed with people who do not believe in Me. Because you love me so much you child find it hard understand when others don’t love Me. I AM God and I can do anything. Please love be patient. This is My advice to you. I want My Son to feel the same. He has suffering and he has discernment. I will tell you when My Son experiences this feeling in his stomach it is My Spirit. I allow him to physically feel My pain. He has discernment and this is My gift to him. *
Little Prophet asked Jesus what chamber* of Holy Love did she dwell:
Jesus: I will tell you yes, My child you dwell in the fifth chamber. Child I AM God, I see everyone’s heart. Your heart is a child’s heart and I do not want this world to stain it. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
* Husband gets a swelling in the belly when around many people in urban areas where there is likely to be more sin.
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
Yes, I AM Jesus born incarnate. My little one, may you be at peace. It’s a tough journey being My Apostle. Jesus is here with you now My love. I AM right here with you now look!!
(Head involuntarily looked up, big smile formed and a gasp of delight!) 
Me, Jesus, God, life, love. I cherish everybody on this earth. Me and My Father are so loving. It’s with love that this world is still spinning. I want a life that you can look back upon and think ‘Yes, I fought the good fight’! Plenty of people would love to feel My love. I can give a multitude of blessings upon you all. It’s one thing to be in this world and another to be of it. I choose different people to serve Me, yes, I do. My children have all been given gifts from the moment they were born. Some are used and some are not.
(Left hand raised to side of face)
You will be given a sign on your body. You will be given a sign on your flesh that will resemble My Crucifixion and this will happen quite soon.
I do this because I want My children to believe I AM God.
Children listen to Me your God.
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
                                                                           Wednesday 6th November 2019
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born Incarnate. My love I want you to be in a state of peace. I know this world is full of sin. 
People do not regard one another. I see everything. It’s a very very sorrowful world. Because of this there has to come a time when it will end. I AM Jesus. Do not be disheartened. Please do not look at articles(newspapers) that will distress you. May you be patient at times, Jesus wants you to be patient. I can help you. This life is not very pleasant. You need to pray, pray for peace. Lots of children do not have the guidance. I pierce hearts that want Me. These hearts spread love. When a person seeks revenge, this is dangerous to their soul. May you please think of the consequences. I do not want My children to be at war with one another. Every time you speak of others in a horrible nature you pierce My heart. If a person hurts you, I suggest you pray for them. If you do not do this then bitterness will breed and cause hatred. Everyone is guilty of this sin. It’s a difficult one to overcome. I want you to hand all of your pain over to Me. I can then begin to heal you. Love one another. 
I Jesus have spoken. 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
Note: In earlier unpublished revelations from Jesus the Little Prophets Husband has asked if Jesus did visit England. There are myths about this and other prophets have mentioned that Jesus did visit England. Jesus said yes that he visited England and lived here during his teenage years for a period of six years. Today we asked what ages specifically did Jesus live in England and Jesus responded that he lived in England ages 13-19. 
                                                                          November 4th 2019 3.25pm
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
Yes, I AM here child. I AM Jesus born Incarnate. With pleasure I would like you to take My words. Blessed are those who seek My face. I AM a God of mercy. I AM a God of compassion. I AM a God who wants His children with Him. I AM divine. I AM spirit. All those who know Me speak of Me to those you meet. I AM never mentioned in public places unless there are brave evangelists and now these have the worry of being arrested for My Name’s sake. What sadness this brings Me but when a child is not looking for Me, I send them little pieces of information their way. Little snippets of My love to entice their weary souls. I want a peaceful life for each of you. A life of love and laughter, kindness, being at one with one another. It is possible to live like this. All you need is Me Jesus. I AM the way the truth and the light. Yes, I AM life! 
My peace I give you 
In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit
3rd  November 2019 7.46am 
After Divine Mercy and St Raphael Litany 
My love, I AM Jesus born incarnate. What beauty lies in those who love Me. Only the light bares fruit. Please pray for all those who do not know Me. They are starved of the truth. Please pray that My children are not discouraged. My words are to spread throughout the nations. I want to bring hope, hope to My world. My world has been taken from Me. It is unrecognisable. Countries that once loved Me are not loving Me anymore. They prefer money materialism and themselves. I want everyone to look at Me and know that I suffered for their sins. Only those who have a heart will enter my kingdom. I have given you many, many examples of how to live. My saints all suffered while on this earth. They relished their pain as they knew I would use it to my advantage. Pray to them. They long to hear a whisper from you. My saints can visit you on this earth and help you with your lives. I have given you children many ways to help you. I want all of you with me. My love is flowing, flowing to each of you . 
My children I AM Jesus 
Father Son and Holy Spirit
Note : Sadness in Jesus's voice.
Recommended prayer The Litany of the Saints.
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born incarnate .
My love is for everyone. The hardest sinner can still be broken. I can take down the barbed wire that is  surrounding their hearts. Play My game. Be a person to surrender everything to Me. It’s a piece of time that you are in that can never be repeated and you are to get into the spiritual life. You cannot be praying and also being in touch with evil. This is a challenging era. I do not want you to partake in the evil one’s games. These are dangerous. I see this happening and it causes distress to everyone involved. I’m talking about the occult. It is not of me! It’s evil and Christians are doing this to subsidise prayer. I AM telling you this children for your own sakes! Repent if you have participated in anything related to the darkness. I will be there with my priest and I will absolve you through My priest. 
Children I AM your loving Father. 
I bless you all.
Father Son and Holy Spirit
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1st November 6.58am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
My love this is Jesus born incarnate.
My child I AM pleased you are here with me. Yes, I AM and I love you. Please write what I say.
People are not living according to my will. There are disagreements in every home. I AM looking for peace. Plenty of children are not in homes of love. Their parents are living sinful lives and often they repeat the lives of their childhoods. When a family has discord, everyone suffers. This home is not a home that is in peace. Parents need to be examples to their children and thus children need to obey their parents. I find few homes where my image is displayed. I AM the Father of all families. Place me where you can see me. Expose my Sacred Heart. Every home that adorns my image will be blessed. It is a worry when my little ones are being taught contrary to my teachings. Allow my little ones to be children. It’s a must! It is their innocence that is being removed. Place children in prayers. I love my little ones. Remember I punish those who take my children’s innocence away (sadness). Be of peace my people. I love all of you so very much. Pray,pray,pray.
Father Son and Holy Spirit
31st October 2019 6.58am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
My child I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I know My love you are not feeling one hundred percent well. Please take my words and listen to Me. This night is not a night that needs celebration. Please pray for people who have found themselves in a terrible situation. Why has this world grown so dark? Every time I AM mocked and abused. These people hate Me. They absolutely detest My authority. By this they want to live their own lives by their own terms and when they do this, they breed hate. Please protect yourselves and on this night especially. If only you knew the places where they carry out evil beyond belief. I have to witness what happens. My hand would surge their souls but they never never speak my Name. Their God is satan. He hates them like he hates everything. Pray, pray that tonight has less power and pray that my children are not being hurt. I AM sickened by this evil. Children be of My light. Only goodness then will reign.
I bless you all 
Father Son and Holy Spirit 
 October 30th  2019 1.37pm after Divine Mercy Chaplet
My child I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My people, I want prayers from My people. How can I go about My work without the power of prayer. Prayer....this is my gift to you all. I can reach you through prayer. This sorrowful world is heaving and sin has become its major feature. Everything from the media, the news, the politics and everything in between is enslaved by sin. I have given you many many prayers and I want you to use them. My children do not waste a second of your day. Begin your day by talking to Me. Think of Me and love Me. If you can, frequent My church with daily mass. I AM then able to rest in your heart. Everyday is cluttered with unimportant activities. I AM aware that people need to work but you will never hear my voice if your days are so busy. I AM so patient. It’s a pleasure when you turn to Me in prayer. We are waiting in heaven to hear you . If only you could see the excitement when a soul prays to ‘us’ in heaven. 
( Tenderly) I AM always with you and I await your prayers 
Father Son and Holy Spirit 
28th October 2019 11.57 am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born incarnate. I AM your Jesus. I AM the living God. I seek My children, where are they? Are they looking for Me? I can’t seem to see them ! I want My children to be welcoming of My love. You know how much a Father loves his children. He keeps his eyes on them from the moment they are born. He watches them as they learn to walk. He picks them up when they fall. I have watched you. I have felt you, I have felt your pain. 
If you really want me, say it! I AM with you. All the people think of in this generation is ‘self’.( sighs).My churches are growing empty. I have seen a drop in numbers. What else is more important than being with your saviour? Please take your thoughts away from this world. Focus, focus on Me! Jesus is the saviour of mankind. I AM the counsellor. I AM the healer. I AM the best friend anyone can have! Please, do I have to keep nudging you? Why, why do you go about your lives this way? Children I AM the answer. Please if you need to research Me the bible is your friend. Look, look at every moment of your day. Have you helped your neighbour? Have you been a shoulder to cry on? I prompt you gently because you are so filled with disbelief. I AM coming soon. I will be judging you. 
I love you My little ones (whisper)
Blessing: In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
7.18pm 26th October 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate. 
My love thank you. I want to be so much alive in you. I know you are a person who trusts in Me. Please pray that My children will trust Me. I don’t want trust to be abused. I pledge My promise that all those who seek Me will find Me. I cannot ignore My children when they call and when I AM called I AM there. I AM a loving God. Take away what is not of Me. Remove objects from your home that are blocking My presence and when I say this, I AM referring to new age Buddhism. How can I be present when I AM not the only object, entity, figure there? You are all puzzled, puzzled children. You do not know which way to turn. I do not want these so called ‘gods’ to be in a person who believes in Me. Children you cannot serve two masters! I want every child. I do not want your children to go hungry. Educate, educate My little ones. Tell your children that I AM a God of Love. It is so worrisome when young people walk away from the truth. I want all My children to know me. 
I AM Jesus and I love all of you.
In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit
25th October 7.37am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
My love, it is Jesus born incarnate. My child I AM with you. You bring me the love that I crave from My children. Please be an example to all you meet that ‘I live in you’. I AM Jesus and I AM God. It’s with love that I reveal myself. Take a moment and pause. Think of how you are living in this life. Do you live to please Me or yourself? If it is the latter, I Jesus suggest you change. I want you to begin by talking to Me, being with me, and growing in love for me. I will be at your side. I will bless you. I will mould you; I will prune you. This is my gift to those who want Me in their lives. 
I AM with you.
       In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit 
October 24th 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
Please take My words. It’s with a heavy heart that I speak now. People are being very very disobedient. I speak about My shepherds. I AM not treated with respect and I tell you since when was politics part of My church? You priests you thought that this change in My church would serve you better. Why are you not obeying “my”commandments? I shall have no Gods before Me! And I demand you rid My churches of pagan symbols. I AM not to be in anyway second to this abomination. 
I, Jesus have spoken ( sadness)
( I want this to be made public when My next public message will be given to you)
Little Prophet of Love: Thank you Jesus 
Jesus: My child ( hand lovingly placed on right side of my face). I want to thank My son.
I AM Jesus 
In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit
 24th October 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate 
My love, My love, you are My delight. You are My little spark. You are the light that draws people to My sacred heart. Your prayers are with weight. They are bringing souls back to Me. I my child have become so alone. I want each person on this planet to come forward and call out to me their Father. I AM not regarded. 
This time of the year my children are taken and used as sacrifice. My little innocent children. This is evil at its best! My loves, you do not see, you do not see what I see. Do not participate in any celebrations of any kind on this date (Oct 31st). I, I see children who claim to love Me encourage their children to party at this time. I say ‘enough’! I AM going to stop this and I AM going to punish all those who lead my innocent ones astray......
I AM Jesus. I love all of you. Come to me even if you are unsure. I will be there to help you. I AM Jesus, I AM God. I rose from the dead. I want you all with Me in my heavenly home. 
Please listen to Me.
I bless you all. 
In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit
23rd October 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet 
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My child, I love you so much. My love for you is never ending. It’s on fire, My heart My sacred heart. You bring Me joy; I want My world to do the same. I watch with pain as I view the lives of My children. This is not My choice. I wanted everyone to love Me. My child I bare the wounds of My cruel death. (holding out hand) It’s there for you(whisper). Each wound is opened every time you sin. I AM a Father who has so much compassion for his little ones. I seek refuge in your hearts. You will have a change.... of love, your lives will be love.
Oh, generation I do not want chastisement upon you. I have warned you; I have pleaded with you but you keep ignoring Me.
My blessings are there waiting to be taken. You must understand that I AM a God of Love. A God of justice and peace. I invite you all to seek Me. I will then be a presence so much in your lives. It takes time to understand how much of the way I penetrate the heart. Once I have broken down the wall of the world, I can then mould you into my perfect child.
This is Jesus and he comes with words of love. 
In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit
                                                                         22nd October 2019 1.04pm
After Litany of St Raphael and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Note: the following message relates to the mass we attended at 9.30 am this morning.
Like many modern churches this church has the tabernacle placed to the side and not behind the altar in the centre.
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
Oh, what joy you bring me child. I have been with you all morning and I was there when you both received me. Yes, your husband felt my presence and child I can tell you that my priest is feeling poorly. Also, he may not survive. I would like some prayer for him. He is a priest who is not somewhat fully with me. I AM placed at the side of the altar and child you know this upsets me. I could have been positioned at the centre if only my son had pushed for this. Place me there, please (sad voice). This occurred because of modernism. It’s something I abhor. I AM God! I AM worthy to be in the centre of my house. (quite angry) When will this happen? It’s not meant to be a church that concentrated on pleasing the people!  No (head shakes disapprovingly) it’s my house! I AM to be the centre stage. I AM there for you. You may feast at my altar. I AM always present at my house and I love my children who attend my house. It’s a love that I place in your hearts when you come to me( gentle smile)
I AM Jesus and I come to save my children.
 In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit
October 21, 2019
7:45 am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
My child, I AM Jesus born incarnate. I AM with you. You are my little child and I cherish you.
I AM often in pain with this world. It’s gone beyond saving. It’s full of sin and my shepherds do not guide my sheep. I have to speak through my chosen children so that my love and my commandments can still be heard.
Please listen to what I have to say.
I AM God, it’s my world, however my enemy has taken over. How long do I have to wait till my children return?
It’s with sadness that I bring you these words.
Please take my hand, we can go for a wonderful stroll. I can show you the way. The warmth of my heart is surrounding us as we take this journey. If you decide to come with Me, I want your full attention. I AM so happy when I AM allowed into your lives.
My children, it takes discipline to fully walk with me. I don’t want you left out in the cold. I want you to sit with me and we can talk. Oh, how I delight in a soul that tells me everything. I long for this with each of you. Do not leave it too late. Otherwise, when you come before me, what will I say? I will say I never knew you (sadness, tears).
I AM always always with you. My love is for you (tears).
I Jesus have spoken.
Blessing: Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Note: When Jesus is crying or sad this manifest in tears in the Little Prophet of Love
Sunday, October 20, 2019
After Divine Mercy
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
Oh, my little one. I treasure you. You are my little jewel. I AM with you now my love, put everything aside.
Little Prophet of Love: I will Jesus, I will.
People are proud, they are also stubborn. I can only influence children to a point. Each and everyone of you was given free will. I allow you to make your mistakes but can only intervene when I AM called upon. In this world there are so many earthly distractions. These are all there to take you further away from me. I AM put so far from your thoughts. I AM neglected. I AM saddened by being a Father who is not worshipped. Modern life equals a life free from God. You may think I do not know what you are all doing. No, you are incorrect as I AM the Creator, I know my children. Please stop and search for me. I AM there when you wake and I AM there when you go to rest at night. My pleas want to be heard. Little ones please come away from the darkness. Evil is not what I want for you. I AM such a loving Father. I know you are all hungry for love and you are all welcome to my love.
With these words, I, Jesus have spoken.
 Friday, October 18, 2019
After the Divine Mercy
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My child, I AM with you. I want you to be in a state of peace. My love, you are always to think that I, Jesus AM with you. May I begin….
I want to speak about this topic to all of My children. My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament is not something to ignore. This is a gift that I left you all on My Last Supper. It is My Body and My Blood that you receive at My Holy Mass. It is not a wafer once it has been transubstantiated. As well as My Blood. The Blood has developed from the wine. It is a sacrilege for anyone other than My priests to touch My Sacred Body. It is a sin.
I AM alive in each Host. It is a disgrace that anybody touches My Body. I want My children to place their pride through the backdoor. I AM so sickened. I AM sickened by all the abominations that tear My heart apart. This is why My Church is suffering. My little ones are being guided through the wrong path. If you do not already participate in this, I AM blessing you. I say to those who are misled to please receive Me on the tongue. I want you to be spotless children. It’s so beautiful when a soul is pure. 
I also ask that you go to confession monthly. I will bless you, each and everyone of you. My love for each of you is pure. I know it can be difficult when you lead busy lives but children, I AM the Lord and the Lord requires obedience. It is not enough to go at Easter and My Birthday, so children find the time and I will be there. I AM there to absolve you and by this you will become my spotless lambs.
Children I bless you all.
Father Son and Holy Spirit
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
After divine mercy chaplet
I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
I AM thankful to you My child, always ready and waiting. You are very obedient. I can rely on you for being My servant. What joy awaits those who serve Me. I pour My blessings on those who cling to Me. I stop My knocking on one’s heart when they leave Me. I have the knowledge of when these children desert Me. It tears Me apart. I shed a tear for each lost soul.
People, where are you going? Stop running away from Me! Please listen. My world is on the brink of ruin. It is not able to reverse unless you turn to Me. There are many deceivers in this world who follow the Father of lies. They await their fall as I, Jesus, will return. This is the final battle. Have you prepared everything you need to enter my kingdom? I have spoken through My prophets. I AM the same now as I was when I walked this earth. I AM saddened. I beg that My children turn their hearts towards Me. My church, my Holy Catholic Church may appear like it is dying but it will never die. I have said My church shall prevail against the gates of hell.
Children pick up your crosses and follow Me.
I AM your Jesus.
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.
October 14, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My love, I AM always here, I AM in your midst. You are right in calling My Name. The Name which is purely peace. Peace amongst men is what I require. Me, Jesus is suffering to such an extent. I AM in need of consolation. Place your hearts with love then I can fill your lives with joy. When My children put their personal lives in order then they can go out into the world and be My apostles and pray, treat prayer as a very important part of your daily lives. Life is so short but eternity is forever.
I desire My children to begin their day with this prayer:
‘My Lord, I love you, help me this day and bring all those who don’t know You to Your Sacred Heart.’
This is a prayer that will save many souls. My love is there for everyone. Please take what I give. I AM a generous God. My children come out of hibernation and seek the light.
My blessings are upon you all.
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
Saturday, October 12, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
I AM your Jesus, you are my little one. I protect my children who love me. It is with love that I place my blessings upon you. I want my children to believe that I AM the living God. In this age my word is stifled. The only words my people hear are those of the enemy. Be aware that he dresses sin as being good. In this world it is a treadmill of sin. It is fast. The pace is getting faster and it is spreading like a disease.
Oh no, (shakes head in disappointed gesture) I AM going to end the deluge of sludge that is forming in people’s souls. Stop and come to me all ye who are weary and I will give you rest.
I AM God. I can stop this at an instant and I will but I have shown you mercy. This is by giving you more time, but the clock is ticking.
My child (sense of sadness) I want my little ones to love me. This is my plea to all those who want to listen to me.
I have spoken and I bless you all with my love.
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.
October 11, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I AM your loving Jesus.
I AM going to take you on a journey. You see this journey requires discipline. It is a rocky road to walk upon. I have given you armour for protection and this is not just armour on your persons. It is armour from your Angel and your heavenly presence. It is a tough walk along this rocky road. The rocks are more than the little pebbles.
I see you.
I feel you.
I walk with you.
When you fall, I AM there to catch you. When you are thirsty I AM there with water. When you are cold, I will clothe you and I will place a wall in front of those who want to hurt you. I AM speaking to all of my followers. This is my protection for those who walk in my truth.
Me and My Father are in the most wonderful world of light. Please my children walk this rocky road and your reward will be with me and my Father.
I love you children and I bless you all.
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit
October 10, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I AM happy to be here with you little one. You are my child and I AM so saddened by what is happening to this world. My people are becoming creatures that I did not want to be like. They are displaying behaviours contrary to what I created. It is because of the darkness that people are behaving dreadfully. How long can heaven watch this unfold? It is the time prophesied many years ago. This era is the last one before I return. It is a time of sorrow and My children are lost. Even if people say they love Me why do they not behave like they do? It’s influenced by My adversary. He claims the lives of so many. I cry many tears; many tears and my pain has become unbearable. I have woken the hearts of some children who want the truth. These are far and few, yet I welcome everybody, everybody who wants to love me. Me and my Father will destroy the evil and it will never be as awful again. Please heed my words and pick up your prayer time so we can grow close. How can we have a relationship if you do not communicate with me? I AM a very loving and compassionate Father and you My children will be loved a hundred fold over.
It is My Sacred Heart that is pouring graces upon those that love Me. It beats with so much love for each of you. I want you all to fight evil and pray My prayers of protection. Me and Heaven are watching.
Blessings upon you My lovely little ones.
I Jesus have spoken and I love you all so much.
I bless you all and I AM with you.
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit
October 7, 2019
After Divine Mercy
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I AM with you, My child. I know you love Me and when you don’t pray to Me, I know you still love Me. I AM your saviour. You are always protected in My presence. I AM glad you have me in your life, it is a protective weapon against evil. I can stop many horrible things from happening but I need to be in that person’s life. I know how people are feeling interiorly and I know how desperate and dark these times are. You, my child, you have added protection. I place my veil of protection against My enemy. Because of your wonderful gift my enemy tries but does not succeed in making you fall. I look out for My faithful ones. You are all cherished and deeply loved.
I AM God, I AM Jesus, and I want to make it clear that this life passes. Have you placed enough attention on the state of your souls? Yes, should be the final answer.
I bless all My children and I love you all.
Father Son and Holy Spirit
Sunday, October 6, 2019
I AM Jesus born Incarnate.
I want to speak to My children. They are confused, lost and weary. They want to fill the emptiness inside them but they go about it the wrong way. They choose alternatives. They want a fulfilment and they choose evil. How this makes Me weep. I AM calling each of my children individually. I love them all with a deep love. My love is a continuous flow. Only Me, I, Jesus can fill the void so many of My children have. My loves, I want you all to come to the table and fill yourselves with the fruits from heaven. I will hold your hands and wipe your tears if needed. I died for each and every one of you. It was a painful, torturous, excruciating death and I would do this over again just for you. I Jesus AM always by your sides. My promptings will not go until your final breath.
I Bless You.
Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Thursday, October 3, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My child, remember I see everything. Every thought, every word spoken, I see this. People need to sometimes keep their thoughts to themselves. I AM the Father’s son. I cannot bare to see the ill words spoken. I AM referring to gossip and slander. These are all sins and can bring the downfall of others. I know each sin that is committed by My children. Please frequent the confessional sacrament each month. This is a way of cleaning your soul. How much I adore a soul that is pure. I know My priest sons do not encourage this as much as they could. I AM in the priest when he absolves your sins. My loves, you are fortunate to have this sacrament. It was with generosity of My Father that this was made. He wants all of his children in Heaven with him. Please do not be discouraged, for I can forgive any sin. My love for you all allows me to show mercy. I have an abundance of mercy for My children. Please use this sacrament. I AM waiting.
My love, My peace and My blessings pour out upon My loves. I have spoken. My children cling to Me for only I can give you nourishment for your soul.
Father Son and Holy Spirit.
October 1, 2019
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I AM very happy that I am here to speak to you. My children are in need of My words. They are living in darkness.
I AM the living God. If people want the truth, come follow Me. I AM waiting. I seek the souls who are open to My will. I cannot participate in witnessing the sins much longer. This is a depraved world. Sins that offend me are these and they shall be dealt with by my Father. I did not say that they were acceptable: murder, vice, abortion, suicide, fornication, the list goes on but it is accepted in this world that belongs to my adversary. Come away from new age practices. I do not want these in My churches. They are becoming common in many of My parishes. Please shun these atrocities.
I AM in the Tabernacle and you must respect My presence.
I Jesus have spoken.
I bless you My child.
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit
September 28, 2019
After Divine Mercy
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My love, child please write My words.
There will be plenty of voices that want to interfere. You have experienced that. I allow some voices, others I don’t. These are spirits that are waiting to attack. I will not allow them to ever hurt you. It is My duty to protect My people. Call upon Me and I AM there. If you don’t call upon Me, how can I come to your aid.You also have your guardian angels. Some fortunate souls are added with a protector (*). If you do not act with appliance of your Angel then your protection is lessened. They are in redundancy if you do not speak with them.
Children I made each of you. My blessings are waiting to be put upon your souls. If I am to see your souls in Paradise you are to build a relationship with Me.
My children, I AM your God and I love you all so very much.
Father Son and Holy Spirit.
* Note: The Little Prophet of Love has been assigned an extra protector as well as her guardian angel. This heavenly presence is called ‘Babiel’. This Angel appeared to her as a child. The Little Prophet of Love and her husband had spoken only yesterday that she had neglected to call upon her protector. Babiel is an Angel who is on the Virtue level.
September 27, 2019
After Holy Rosary
I AM your Jesus born incarnate.
My children, this world is dark and it needs the light of My sheep. There is much confusion within My people. I have spoken through My prophets and yet there is quarreling amongst those who believe and disbelieve. I want you all united. My church is already suffering from a schism. Children, I AM so distraught at My Holy Mother Church. I want peace. It is with tragedy that the church is divided. My flock needs to be aware of this. My words do not change. My vicar is failing to lead my sheep.
My child I am with you.
(Jesus indicated that The Little Prophet of Love is tired and to continue another time)
After the Divine Mercy chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I AM pleased that you have chosen to pray. I understand every little pain or worry you have. Children of mine, be steadfast in your love for Me.
I AM the only God!
Take that into your minds, that this is Jesus. I may be a forgotten God but I have not forgotten you.
Each prayer that is offered to Me is a prayer that surrounds the Heavens. Whether big or small, I hear each and every one.
All my people need their loving Father. I choose to act upon those who really want My love. All I ask is that you remove this world from your lives and follow Me.
My peace I give you. Not long now before events begin. I want each soul to be prepared for this.
My blessed Mother will assist you in all your requests.
Take this opportunity, now, now while there is still relative peace.
Please listen to the words I have spoken.
Father Son and Holy Spirit
September 23, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
I have come to you today to be with you and to love you. My child this life can be a rather sorrowful one. When you pick up your cross, you are following My footsteps. I lift that plank of wood higher to give you rest.
All My followers, remember I AM the one who will always love you. I can see how much a soul is close to Me. My children I find delight in those who suffer for Me. I caress your hearts. If all those persecutions are in My Name, I will defend you when you come before Me. I do not miss anything. Every thought every second, every minute is firm in My recording of your life. I will tell you not one of my little ones will be left behind when I come to judge.
And I AM coming soon. My children My Warning will soon be here. Will you have your lamps lit?
I AM weary of those who do not want Me.
But I can tell you that they can want Me after this experience. People you need to educate those who don’t know Me. If they refuse shake the dust from your feet.
I AM Jesus.
My love, thank you for being My child. My little ones are protected by My precious blood.
Child this message has ended.
Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Thursday, September 19, 2019
7:10 am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
Jesus: My child, I AM Jesus born incarnate.
My children are confused by their lives. I wonder through this world and see the confusion in souls. I live inside each of you. I bring the peace you need. This world cannot do this for you.
My love is never going to die. Seek Me, before you seek the false gods of this world. I AM the God that brought My people out of slavery. Can you not see? I AM the risen Lord. Be loving towards your neighbor. Put self behind you. I AM but a breath away.
Children, children stop following the path of the evil oppressor. He wants you all to be in a state of perplexity. Children he wants your peace to be ruined. Take Me by the hand and I will lead you to pastures new.
I do not want my children lost.
My love, I bless you.
Blessing: In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Excerpt from Private Message
June 13, 2019
After the divine mercy chaplet.
My children I love you both so much.
Thank you, thank you for offering all your prayers to Me and for thinking a lot about Me. My pain is so big, my pain is awful. Yes, I am God, I am the Son of the Living God, put no other gods before Me. Mankind is going to hell. They do not know what they do. My children are killing themselves. Pray pray for souls, pray children. Your prayers help so much. I want you to pray for my children. This will be your mission in life, to pray for souls
Previous Private Message Made Public
June 11, 2019
My child take your pen and write these words.
My love is for everyone. In this age of technology man does not rely on Me. I have been waiting and waiting. I long for your attention. Yes, My people are not listening. I fear for their lives. I am a Living God and can give them pardon. I have chosen you little child because of your meekness. I know My love you are still in a state of confusion. I can wait and wait. You are My child. I want you to always be in a clean state. This world likes to fill people with absolute filth, and you, you must stay away from this. Please child be in a place of peace, peace. I can tell you are a little perplexed. I only want the best for you. I am the Lord God; I am the Son of the Living God.
Be at peace.
Monday, September 16, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I want you to write.
I AM Jesus born incarnate. Ahh, My joy when I see My child at peace. My little one, I see it all.
I see how people are behaving. It is with sadness I witness people’s sinful lives. It is with regret that I have to relay this to you. Many people are condemned to a life of misery. ‘Everyone’ means I want every child. I want the world to listen to Me.
May my peace be in this place. I want to dwell in your home. I have made my presence felt in these walls. This is a home that honors Me. People, prepare your homes as beacons of light. Have My Precious Heart exposed. Have My Blessed Mother’s Heart also exposed.
Little Prophet of Love (nodding and smiling)
Jesus: I am happy child because you are My little prophet. It is with great happiness that I see My words go OUT to different (smiling) nations.
Quiet voice: And you and your husband are blessed.
A message for China
My people I AM with each of you. Your prayers, I hear them. I know how much you suffer.
My patience with this world is running thin. But I have protection over My children. It’s the soul that matters. My Sacred Heart is a heart that can spread love.
People of China I have not forgotten you.
My blessings are upon you.
Father Son and Holy Spirit
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Note: At 11 am Mass one of the altar girl servers showed no reverence to being on the altar. There was less focus on the Altar and Holy Eucharist and more on the church choir.
During the message there were noisy children outside in our neighborhood which made the condition not ideal.
I am Jesus born incarnate.
My love, I feel your suffering. I feel the grief for My Holy Church.
I AM sorrowful.
I AM not, I AM not respected in My house.
You My child, you felt this earlier.
This is only the beginning.
I need people to be My remnant.
My children, I don’t want any of you to go astray.
(Near interference – prayed for it to go.)
Jesus: My love he has gone. (left hand involuntarily resting on my head)
Jesus: Child you are mine, I AM always with you.
This message has finished now – there is much noise that is breaking your peace.
The Little Prophet of Love: Lord don’t go.
Jesus: I haven’t gone, I AM always here.
I want this message to go out.
I AM God.
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit
September 13, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet.
Note: When Jesus wants messages made public The Little Prophet of Love gets interference from the enemy. Jesus has said these messages contain blessings so hearts will change and people will be saved. This has woken the enemy out of his comfort of control and he is enraged by these messages going out into the world and spreading.
My child, I am Jesus born incarnate.
My love is surrounding you now. If you believe in Me, you will have eternal life.
I want My children to be with me for eternity.
Be patient. Be loving. Be a comfort to those who you meet. Listen, listen to people.
Believe that I can and will open the eyes of sinners.
Hissing Growling noises. “I told you to stop stop stop stop…….“
I am Jesus born incarnate.
I am pleased you have returned. My people who are chosen by me may experience the stupid behavior of my enemy.
(Again, interference but quickly resolved).
See, he wanted to spoil My time with you. You child, I want you always to pray for protection.
My little one, I will never let harm go your way. He may try to ruin your peace but he will fail. Your place is seated in my Sacred Heart. I have given you a lifetime of offering yourself to Me. Parts of your life you did not see Me, but I knew you would come back to where you belong.
I want this message made public.
I AM Jesus I have spoken.
In the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit.
September 12, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
I am Jesus born incarnate.
My little one, I am filled with love for you. I bring you the peace that you need. My love is a love to be cherished.
It is I who allows this world to carry on. It is not pleasant for many. People live in the most evil times.
Hissing growling no words.
I won’t allow him to hurt you. This is Jesus I have spoken.
My love, I am Jesus born incarnate. See my child. I didn’t let him win. He is a pathetic creature, but also very clever. He has this world in the grip of his palm. He does not want these messages to spread.
My little children they thirst for My love (sideways nodding head). It’s so sad to see the suffering of this planet. My little children (again nodding head sideways) My love awaits. I wait for your return. (sense of sadness from Jesus)
I AM God
I will bless you (whisper)
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit
September 9, 2019 2:39pm
My child I AM Jesus born incarnate.
Oh, My little one, I AM happy (Jesus smiling). I AM pleased. My words are spreading and you and your husband have made this possible.
I may be a jealous God but I am a God of peace. People should look upon Me with love. My love can surround this world.
I AM coming soon. I AM coming in the form of Jesus and I will judge you. Each and every one of you will know how much you have offended Me. It’s about time you all prepared your souls.
If you are Catholic, you must go back to My sacraments. I await every day for your arrival in My house. I can wait. You must receive Me in the Blessed Sacrament but I want you to have My blessing and forgiveness in the confessional box before this very special place of My love. ‘My love’ being the body of Christ. It is My offering to you all. I suffered for My children. Please believe the words I place in My prophet’s mouth.
(Quietly) I thank you for receiving me each day.
The Little Prophet of Love: I thank you Jesus for giving me the gift of your body each day.
My voice changed into a horrible sneering voice. The Devil told me he can give me whatever I want. Money, fame, and lots of money to spend on what I like to stop doing this.
 I felt Jesus intervene in my head. I told Satan to go in Jesus’ Name and I then came out of it.
40 mins after and unexpectedly Jesus spoke again:
Jesus Christ: Make reparation for the sins of others.
Second Public Message
I AM Jesus born incarnate.
Jesus Christ: Yes, the devil wants you distracted, be not afraid of him. He has no hold over you.
I am the living God
Friday, Sept 6, 2019, 7:06am
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
Jesus Christ:
My love this is Jesus born incarnate.
I AM a God who is forgiving. People, people I can listen to you. Please share your lives with Me.
Me, Jesus, I. Please look on My mercy as the biggest gift you could possibly have.
People, I AM your God.
I do not like to see the sins that cover this world. My children the sins that offend me they are the same sins that offended Me from the beginning.
I do not change. You people are the ones that change.
I do not allow those that want to live in a sinful life past the veil of My Kingdom.
‘Your God’ is the Satan that fell from Heaven. He is the master of manipulation. My children he is watching. He watches and never tires.
You need me. All this world does is reject My words. All I want children is for you to live in peace. To love your neighbour as yourself.
My plan for each of you is the plan that you are all saved. People My heart bleeds for you.
Those who pray to Me. I AM with you. I speak through My people and I give them gifts of prophecy.
Yes, they have knowledge of My Love.
My Love is bursting for you.
Blessing: In The name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 7:06am.
 After prayer in tongues.
The Little Prophet of Love: Good morning Jesus.
Jesus Christ:
I am Jesus born incarnate (Jesus smiling). I AM here it is wonderful to speak to you this way. I want to be a big part in your life. You are to place me before anything else. My child I do not want you to feel disturbed in anyway. My love brings you the peace you crave. All I can be to each and every one of you is a loving Father. My love holds no bounds. In this world people are drawn to the darkness. My love it is ‘I’ who require the love of My children!! (Jesus in forceful voice)
People, people, people. I created you! Why do you carry on this way. I gave you, My commandments. People, people you need to follow My rules and then you can enter My kingdom. I don’t want to lose a single one of you. I am Jesus and I came into this world to die for your sins. Was it all a waste!! I suffered the most atrocious pain (Jesus in a suffering voice). No (Jesus in a sad voice). I cannot stand and watch this world. My children do you want to live under the rule of such evil? My love can cover each and every one of you. You can pray to me and I can transform your lives.
My children do not be fooled by evil.
I AM the Lord
I AM the God
I AM God of this world.
Children I AM calling you.
Please please please please respond to me.
Blessing: Father Son and Holy Spirit
Monday, August 26, 
2019, 7:26pm
Jesus Christ:
My child this is Jesus born incarnate.
My love you do not need to be doubtful. My promise is that you will be my little prophet. I chose you. You are little. My love, this is not an easy journey. I have been a certain ‘thing’ in people’s lives. I AM not ‘their’ God. I am brushed to the side and ignored. I am blasphemed, ridiculed and mocked. I don’t want to be treated in such a way. You and My Son make me smile. There are not many like you both. I am so saddened by the treatment I get. You have been a saving grace to many. Without your prayers many souls will be condemned to hell.
Make this clear to all you meet
Thank you. (Jesus was a little sad)
I want to tell you I can feel all your pain, all your hurts, all your sufferings.
I want to bless you now: Father Son and Holy Spirit
August 30, 2019
Jesus Christ:
My love this is Jesus born incarnate.
My child when you are praising me it really brings Me joy.
My children, please please praise your God. Children need their Father. Maybe if you put your busy life on hold, you will know him more. Children you are so pleasing if you do this. This life is not to be frittered away by pursuits of the flesh. My love is for all of you, My children.
I can see how many of you are living in distressed lives. Turn to Me.
Turn to Me and feel My love. It is not hard. I put in your hearts when you are conceived a knowing of Me. When you are born your hearts are ready to receive Me. This is when my presence is with you. I wait for you to acknowledge Me. Please listen to Me. I am a wonderful parent. Only you can trust Me! Don’t trust the traps of this world. It is not a pleasant place to live. My life on this earth was very difficult. So, I know what it is like to be on this earth. Please pray I am waiting.
(Jesus smiling) I can wait as long as it takes.
Be at Peace
Be at Peace
I am God
I am Jesus
Blessing: Father Son and Holy Spirit
Paragraph from a message today, August 30, 2019 from Jesus Christ:
Oh, I must tell you that those people who do not want me. These people (head moving sideways in sadness) are condemned to a life of fire. So many go there each day. They have hardened hearts. I cannot force this. I only stand and see them fall. So many, many souls each day go there. Pray, pray my little one that this does not happen. I want all my children to be with me. Children children take up your crosses and follow me. I am the Father of this world. Yet you all ignore me. Children, my children. I want you to love me.
I Jesus Christ have spoken.
Husband of Little Prophet:
Before the messages began, I had always presumed my Mother had gone to hell. It was a relief to find out from our conversations with Jesus in June 2019 that she was actually in Purgatory. We were told she needed one more Mass then Jesus would take her home to Heaven.
A priest I know in Pennsylvania (USA) offered to say a Mass for my Mother who died on the 18th of August 1981. Father booked a Mass for my Mother’s soul at 1pm UK time.
Saturday 17th August 2019
This would be one day short of 38 years of suffering in Purgatory. I asked Jesus in prayer if He could show a sign that my Mother was home in Heaven.
About 3pm on 17th August, my wife and I could smell roses but with a slight frankincense aroma. This was near the statue we have of Jesus.
Same Day, 17th August 2019
Husband of Little Prophet: Can I ask about my Mother? 
Jesus: I brought her home today. She is very thankful to you for your prayers.
Husband of Little Prophet: She’s happy?
Jesus: She is very happy and relieved to be home. I have her with me now. The sign I gave you was in the form of a scent. That was the scent you smelt earlier.
Next Day, 38th Anniversary of Mother's Passover to Eternal Life
Sunday, 18th August 2019
We went to 12pm Mass . During Mass and for the sacrifice, I offered up my prayers. I visualised my Guardian Angel with a bowl, then I placed my prayers in the bowl.
One strong prayer was for my Guardian Angel to present to my Mother Carol with flowers on her first day in Heaven.
She died aged 33; she did cause much suffering on top of her passing away. Much of my own problems as an adult stemmed from neglect and bereavement from those early years.
In sum, she spent 37 years and 364 days in Purgatory, my poor Mother would have suffered.
Message to The Little Prophet
Same Day, 18th August 2019
4:28pm (A few hours later)
After Divine Mercy Chaplet
My child this is Jesus born Incarnate. I have come today to tell you of something nice! I have brought the soul of your husbands Mother to Paradise. She is so happy to be here.  My child she received the bouquet of flowers from her son.
She is wearing a beautiful pink gown. She wants to thank you for being with her son, and, for the suffering that she caused him, she is so sorry. My love surrounds her. I don’t want my son to be sad when he reads this. Only joy, only joy.
   Little Prophet: Thank you Father.
Jesus: I have built her a home with her relatives. She is living in the same area as John (her husband on earth) and she loves the flowers! And the flowers in her little porch.
I love you, my child.