10th July 2019


After 10 am mass at the Holy Rosary I grabbed the chance to speak to the Bishop .We spoke just outside the sacristy, the priest was within listening distance. I mentioned the value of the priest collecting the chalice from the tabernacle rather than the Eucharistic minister  (which hold the hosts) . I mentioned I thought it was less reverent if a Eucharistic minister did this. 

He disagreed and made no eye contact with me during this discussion. The Bishop saw no difference between priest and Eucharistic minister performing this function.



At 5.00pm we spoke with Jesus and I asked him about these issues:



I thank you both for praying now and asking to speak with Me. I know life can be tough, and I know sometimes you may feel uneasy or unsure about things. Please know that I am in your midst and I will help you. You just need to call upon Me.


Husband: Dear Father could you speak about the Bishop from earlier?

Jesus: This was something he did not want to discuss, he felt it was irrelevant, but son you 

tried and I am pleased and I thank you. My church is not as it once was, it will only get worse.


July 11th 2019


We went to 10 am mass. It is the feast day of St Benedict.

Father mentioned how the Benedictine rule was a protection against ‘extremism’. H felt this was a veiled  remark due yesterday’s attempt by H for more reverence to be shown to the Eucharist. A line was obviously crossed. We are ‘extremists’ for holding on to the tradition.


2.21pm after Rosary:


Little Prophet: hello Father

Jesus: Hello My child. I’ve waited for you today and now I have you.

Little Prophet : Thank you Jesus, thank you .


About the Priest:


He was not that happy that My son spoke to the Bishop.He is not a priest to be approached, but I want you both to continue to go there.

Little Prophet: We will Jesus 


Little Prophet: asked about explosion sounds she gets in her head.

Jesus: These are from the evil one, the closer you are to me the more they will torment you.You have nothing to fear because they cannot harm you.



Little Prophet: Thank you my lord.

Jesus: My love I’m so happy you have been receiving Me each day. I want you and My son to continue this.

I love you My girl, I love you, I love you, I love you so much.


Blessing from Jesus. 


12th July 2pm


At the park: 

Before rosary we said some protection and exorcism prayers. Little Prophets Husband glimpsed a beast like figure walking on all fours walking towards us. It vanished as quickly as it was noticed. It was like a leopard tiger type of creature.


After the Rosary

Our Lady:

This is your blessed Mother. I want to thank you both for praying my Rosary. My love for you is very special. You are both my children. I want you to carry on praying my rosary and I will intercede before the throne of God for you.You are truly blessed, my child, truly blessed. I love you 

and again I want to thank you. I would like to bless you now.




Little Prophet: Lord did my husband see a demon coming 

towards us on all fours?

Jesus: That was correct, he did see a demon coming towards 

you both

Husband : is it ok if we say these exorcism prayers?

Jesus: Do not stop saying them for they are needed.

Husband: I said an exorcism prayer for the area we live.

Jesus: People do not respect others, but just pray for peace.


I bless you both 

In the name of the father son and Holy Spirit 




Little Prophet asked Jesus about the Leopard cat like figure glimpsed earlier:

Jesus: He saw a creature from the depths of hell. They are not happy when you pray these prayers, fear not! For you 

are under My protection.

Earlier it was certainly My Mother who was with you.


On discussion about the church:

Jesus: My church is upsetting for Me to even talk about.

Little Prophet : I am sorry lord


Advice for Little Prophet: Be strong and think of me when you are down.

Advice for Husband: My son be at peace with yourself



It doesn’t matter what people think, as long as you are pleasing Me that’s all that matters.






I thank you for praying to Me My love. You are very pleasing in My eyes. You are accumulating many many graces. These are also going towards the salvation of my poor souls that would otherwise be lost.


In response to Little Prophets doubts: 

Jesus: I had told you child it is me your saviour. You do not need proof from others.


Husband said Pope Leo XIII Exorcism Prayer


Jesus interrupted this prayer to say he was happy that we were saying it and it is needed. 


Husband :asked about his brother in purgatory at 9pm


Jesus: He needs to be cleansed and he will be here longer, please keep praying for him.



Monday 15th July 2019




My child keep your mind free from that which will upset you. I know how much you love Gods creatures(animals).My love these animals are to be loved. My Father does not want cruelty put upon his creatures.


About Peter our Rabbit “I made him wait in the store for you”.


(Peter was in a pet store for months before we collected him)



July 16th.


At the Park after Rosary midday.


Jesus: My love this is your Jesus speaking. My blessings pour down upon  on you both. My child I am so happy when you pray and think of  Me.


My child it is better to speak with you when you are in your home. Then I can have your undivided attention. My love I am always with you. 


Blessing from Jesus 


6.25pm after Divine Mercy:


Jesus: My love be in My presence. I told you you were not meant to be in this world. It is not a wonderful place. When I am with you, you have nothing to fear.


( earlier there was disturbance from neighbours downstairs and on the estate which caused Little Prophet anxiety)


Jesus: That is from the evil one- he wants you to be unrestful. My child you have your Angel, your protector and above all you have Me! You have the protection of heaven.


My little one, you don’t like to be upset. I have everything under control. Me and My Father will welcome you one day. 

Little Prophet  : Of course Jesus.

Jesus: Look at My image ( divine mercy picture). I give you My love. You are so special and you are a creature of mine. 

May you rest this evening and be at peace.


I am with you always My love .


Little Prophet: Thank you Lord


Jesus imparts Blessing 


imparts Blessing 


19th July after divine mercy 10pm 



I am with you both now. Do not let your hearts be at............

Husband: Be at what Father?

Little Prophet: Would you like to speak Jesus? Cover us with your most precious blood and if any evil spirits interfere may they be thrown back down to the foot of the cross. So that they will not harm us or any other soul again.

Husband: Is this Jesus of Nazareth 

Jesus: Yes this is Jesus of Nazareth 

Husband : we have missed you even though you are still there.

Jesus : I am always here 

Husband: what’s been the problem in the last few days why have we felt so down?

Jesus: My children you must know that I am the one that dictates when I choose to speak. I am the creator of this world. I am the one who makes the plans. In this world there are plenty of people who do not even believe in Me. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Please child know that I speak when I wish. I love you both very much and I need you both to believe that I am giving you these words.I pour out My blessings to you both, please take this I bless you both.

Bow your heads... in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit 

Be in My presence and be at peace. Me and My Father wish to give you much love. Take Our love then you will be at peace


Little Prophet : Thank you Lord 


20th July 5pm


Jesus: My love I wanted to speak to you all day. It is when you 

feel low that I can do my work.


St Bartholomew:My name is St Bartholomew I know this comes as a surprise to you. You were not expecting this. My job is to warn you of evil influences. My time on earth was riddled with different tortures of the mind. I bravely withstood these torments as I knew that Jesus was so very close to me. I am a European saint and I would like you to portray me as a loving one. Maybe you 

and your husband could follow in my footsteps to grow closer 

to the lord .Thank you for hearing my words, I love you and so does all of heaven.

I love you and bless you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.




9.21pm after Rosary 


Jesus: My children yes this is Jesus speaking. My loves you are both so eager to hear from Me. I want to take this opportunity to love you. You are both My children, carry on with your prayers, they do so much for souls, they help them in so many ways that you could never imagine. By this you will have your attacks. Do not despair do not feel upset over this for it means that you are doing what you are meant to do. 


Husband: Jesus are my prayers powerful at night to reach into 

heaven to end abortion, is it having an impact?

Jesus: It helps yes. All prayer is powerful particularly when said from the heart.

Children you are both very regarded in My kingdom, please be always in a state of prayer. This world is not a nice place. Pity those who do not know me. I want everyone to be with me.



Little Prophet: Jesus what will become of these messages?

Jesus: They are words of love, these words are love words. Other prophets give words of the future. These words are living proof that I Jesus exist.


Jesus: Yes, you need to stay close to me.

I love you both and I bless you both 

In the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit 



22nd July 2am


Knocking on pipes by next door neighbours. There are two women who live next door who appear to be taking part in some occult ritual. It involves clapping and loud vocal noises. It has been going on for a couple of months. This woke Little Prophet up at 2am.




After Divine Mercy at 3.28pm (during divine mercy neighbours making occultist ritual sounds)



Thank you both, I hear your prayers. Be not afraid the world cannot harm you. I love you both you are both favoured by Me. Please do not be frightened, do not be fearful.Those who you think want to harm you, can do no harm to you children. They can do no harm. I love you both so much, so much.

Come to Me children, be with me, stay close to me always.


Those who you can hear now are not performing a decent act.This is not a pleasant......please pray.


Little Prophet: Jesus those knocks I heard last night are they from her or are they from supernatural source?


Jesus : They are from her

Husband : Does she know about us Lord?

Jesus: She is working with the evil one

Husband: She doesn’t know individually about us?

Jesus: No

Husband: Obviously because we are here we are being hit back by the evil one?

Jesus: You will experience interference and you will experience feelings of, feelings of despair. 

Husband: I get angry in my heart 

Jesus: Son I can heal you 

Husband : (tearful) Thank you 

Jesus: I love you. 

My child you are receiving My words they are from ME your Savior. I come to bring you both comfort. I can hear your prayers and I will grant your prayers.


Jesus. Trust in me I will guide you. 

LP: Jesus please guide us to where ever you want us to go. 

We are never accepted any-where in any church we go to.

Jesus: My little one, I wasn’t accepted anywhere. Be at peace, be at peace My children.


Little Prophet: mentions that Jesus is putting his hands out

Little Prophet: Thank you my God



I bless you both in the name of the father the son and the holy 



9pm after Rosary Joyful Mystery 



My children prayer is needed. These days are very dark. Much sin is around us. People do not realise how much they sin. I ask that you both pray for those who do not know Me . My Mother asks that you pray also for people around you, they do not know me. I am God, I am the living God. I am the Father you need to trust in me I give my love and I will give you strength.

I have spoken I am the father 

Husband:  How is my brother?

Jesus: your brother is still in purgatory he knows that you pray For him and is thankful. He knows when you pray for him. I want you to reconcile with your sibling she is unhappy she needs you, she feels very alone.


Jesus: My Girl 

Little Prophet:  My Girl? 

Jesus: Yes, My Girl you are chosen by God you have been chosen 

Little Prophet:  Who is this we are speaking with?

Jesus : This is Jesus

Husband : How is my Mother doing?

Jesus: Your Mother is in purgatory still, she needs a lot of prayer.

Husband : One more mass and she gets into heaven is that true?

Jesus: Yes




 My Uncle Michael where is he?

Jesus: He is in lower purgatory.






25th July 7 am After Divine Mercy Prayer 



My love what joy you bring when you pray like this. I want you to be in My presence, My child you are such a little one. You bring me the joy that everyone should bring Me. I want you to think of Me this day and every day. You are to be crowned in My paradise. I am Jesus Christ and I have spoken.


Re Husbands sister:


I want you to pray for her. She is very down. She is not happy. You child did the right thing in being a Christian. Her soul is so black, she cannot see that. My one, she will not change, she is not able to change. She is influenced by My adversary. I am not pleased ( Jesus shakes head nodding sideways).


For Husband:


I want you to tell My son that I am so pleased that he wants to love Me. By your prayers and that of your husband’s much will change. My child these words are simple but they are from your Father.


“Yes Me and My father are united”


This is a time to be in a very prayerful state. I know you worry about your daughters. I want you to know that all your prayers are helping in a way that you could never imagine .You have placed a protective barrier around them by prayers asking to do this. My love children in this world are lost. Pray for them, pray for all young people. Jesus has spoken. I want you to be a child of Mine. I love you so very much.

I want you to be happy. Remember I am with you. I am with you.


After Little Prophet praised Jesus.  Our Lord imparted his blessing 


In the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit





July 26th 2019. After sorrowful mystery at 3pm



My child, I am happy with you. You have remained in a clean state. My child there are always many obstacles 

to cause My children to sin, for you have shown strength because of your love for Me. May you always be like this.


My love, I want to cherish those who want to be good in my eyes. My world does not believe in this. What sorrow this brings me.


My children! Wake up and see what you are doing to yourselves. You dive into the places of the unknown.Children, you know this is wrong! I have placed in all your hearts a desire to know and love Me.


Me and Heaven are what’s real! Neither do you think or want to think that after this life you have to atone for your sins. Take My advise and love one another. This is 

written by My Father. One day you will all see me in My glory.


Me, Me! Jesus! The one who died for you all.


I AM COMING! Are you all prepared? No( head shaking in disappointment )

I think not.


My love, My love I want you to pray for all those who are so far away from Me.


I love you 

I love you 

(sense of sadness)


Jesus has spoken 


I bless you 


7.15pm after divine mercy:



My Son, be not troubled. Heed my words. I am with you. You are My child, please have peace in your heart.


My child I bless you 




27th July 2019 


After prayer :


I chose you. I chose you because of your simplicity.



28th July 

4.50pm after Divine Mercy Prayers


Jesus: I am Jesus born incarnate. Oh what joy I have that you are 

with Me now .My love, I love you so much! You are the apple of My eye. Your nothingness

is what charms me. Please take that as a compliment.


Little Prophet: Of course Jesus 


Jesus: You was mine from a very early age. You made Me smile.

( Jesus nods twice )

My child, you had a wonderful Mother. She guided you .


My peace be with you 

( smiling softly)


Thank you 


Little Prophets body involuntarily moves into crucifixion position)


Then Blessing


29th July 2019 


This morning we attended mass .

A Ugandan priest who visits the church every summer so Father

***can take a holiday. Three years ago we used to attend his masses when he covered in 2016. It was his humility and devotion that inspired us to attend mass more regularly rather than just attend on Sundays.

It was nice to see him and we spoke to him after mass today.

We asked him if he could bless our house which he agreed to do today.


After prayer at 1.30pm  Jesus spoke: 


My love, my love, Thank you for sitting here and praying before the arrival of My son( priest). Me and My children need 

to be in a prayerful state and then the world will increase in it’s love for one another. 


LP asked Jesus if he had a message for the visiting priest:




I want to bless My son. He is one of My holy ones. My children need a good shepherd to bring them to the fold. I want to say to 

My son how much I truly love him. Please son carry on and stick to My ways. Children children listen to Me.My lord My lord. My church is in ruins. Please be aware of this. I am in your presence. 

I bless you and I’ll protect you, Amen. My Father will be with you 

always. I bless you, in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.



Tuesday 30th July 11.40 am 




I AM Jesus born incarnate. My little one, you are a pleasure to be with. You are a little one that needs Me so much. My love surrounds you now. Be not in a state of worry. Jesus has spoken to you! I am with you now. It is enough to be in My presence. Your heart is resting in Me.

You are My precious, precious one. May you always bless be My precious one.


( Little Prophet praised Jesus)


“ My love is all yours little one” 




Little Prophet asked a few words about Peter her Rabbit. 




My love I am going to bless you now 


Father Son Holy Spirit 


Amen Amen Amen 


During Jesus’s visit Peter the Rabbit sat still but as soon as the session was over Peter leapt up to Little Prophet on the Sofa.



31st July 1.50pm


After divine mercy 




I AM Jesus born incarnate. My love I don’t want you upset. I will surround you now with My love. I am with you. People are always going to be a source of sin. When you stand back and look at their lives who My 

love is nearest to the Father? Yes you! The lovely little nothing! ( nodding up and down)

See ! I knew that would put a smile on your face!! 


Little Prophet: love you Jesus


Jesus: You are in the position to be My servant. I have gifted you and you have to be in My presence everyday. Yes, by means of visiting Me in My

house everyday. You will be a target for My enemy! He knows that you have 

a purpose. Your purpose is to save as many souls as you possibly can.


You enquired earlier why you feel down like this and where you are going. I will explain: You see, you have 

time, you have the time My child and love to do this for Me.

This is more important than anything. I want you to be the perfect 



Peace be with you My child.

Peace be with you 


Father Son and Holy Spirit



August 1st 4.10pm


My name is Jesus Christ born incarnate.

My love, My love. My name for you is ‘ little 



Little Prophet(smiling): Thank you Jesus.



Yes, that is you My child. You are the epitome of nothing. You are a delight! Please do not let this world bring you into its life. This life is not where it’s meant to be. You should all be lying with the Lion but instead you want to dance with the evil one.

Please people pray to your God. He is life itself. You all ignore his callings.Children, children wake up! 


Father Son and Holy Spirit.


We discussed after that 

they we are virtually invisible and ‘nothing’

in this world.



2nd August 2.09pm after Divine Mercy



This is Jesus born incarnate.

My child, my love, this is a blessing for you. You are a nothing in this world! Please feel privileged to have this as your title. My servants are always the humble ones, but sometimes I have to pick away at them. My child you go to those places where souls make you feel agitated. My love I know you do not have a vehicle so you cannot avoid certain places. I will deal with those people who make a mess in society.

( Town centre has increase in drug addicts alcoholics in last couple of years)

This brings me upset too!


My love sadly this is happening in every place in the world. My child, you understand without money you can still lead a decent life. Pray for these people in your places of walking. A quiet prayer can change much. Love one another. I have said this so much throughout the centuries. It applied then and it applies now. I will draw you closer to my heart. You have been a soul that feels the pain in My heart, but child the pain is much much worse.




Father Son and Holy Spirit 



3rd of August 2019 2pm



This is Jesus born incarnate.

My love you are My little nothing. I AM pleased 

you had your sins confessed. Much to My delight it’s always lovely to speak to a soul who is clean. Well I would love to give you my love. Yes I could tell you a million times I love you! You are My child.




And I will bless you 


Father Son and Holy Spirit 


4th August 5.40pm. After Divine Mercy.




Be in my presence. 


5th August 


8.14 pm After Divine Mercy



When a Father wants his children he brings them back. You are already very much a figure in Heaven. My child it will be your time , when you know. It will be a very moving experience.You have plenty of souls waiting for your arrival. You can do so much here than you could ever imagine. You are all little busy bees.

I will want from you prayer. You are building so much in heaven already.



 ‘Jesus has been speaking to My child,She is humble, she is My wonderful child.’



In the name of the father Son and Holy Spirit 


 6th August 1.00pm after Divine Mercy


Jesus: I would like to answer your questions My love 


Question from H : Are the writings of the Archko Volumes genuine?

Answer: Yes


Question from H : Any words about Uncle Michael in Purgatory?

Answer : He is very pleased that you are both praying for him. He also needs a mass said. 


 Question: Will local church allow Eucharistic Adoration?

Answer: My concerns are that the priest will not want either of you at his church. My child this is very sad that my sons do not want to use this opportunity to pray to Me.




3.50pm After the Divine Mercy 




( about a childhood friend of LP)

My love this is Jesus born incarnate.You are in a rather curious mood today regarding this person.My love I want you to pray for her soul. She is so far from me. I want you to be a person who can inspire her to love me.

Yes I am in pain because of her Fathers decision (Hell). I don’t want that to 

happen to his family. They chose their creative ways rather than their spiritual ways. They don’t look upon me as God! 


Father. He wants to say these words:


God the Father:

 My Child, you are so pleasing to Me. I want you to bring as many souls to Me as possible. I have gifted you with these gifts. Now I 

want you to bask in My light. My love I treasure your soul. I AM the Father .I want you to bow. 


Father Son and Holy Spirit 


Son and Holy Spirit 


Wednesday 7th August 2019 5pm 


after Rosary 




I am Jesus born incarnate.My little one. I can help you in all your needs. I am the one 

who can hear your pleas. It is a lonely road,this one I have given you. People do not please me. You love, you do! I have chosen 

you My little nothing. If you go into the world, you won’t be My little snowflake. I am watching you My child. Live by My ways and I 

can give you strength. You will be blessed one hundred times over. You have the wisdom of someone who is drawn to me. I do not let those slip by easily! I have waited. I have longed for this time when I could do this 

with you.Maybe you 

should pray to Me more for strength. Please child be at peace.My love for 

you is so much.


( Got interference from enemy: foul language....  )


8th August 2.55pm 



I am Jesus born incarnate.

My dear one, you may think in this life you have nothing. I can tell you now you have more than anyone! Your praising your blessings your anointings, these will be your partners when you leave this earth. How many of My children storeup so much throughout their lives?



My love, be careful when I speak to you. There is always going to be disturbance.

Sometimes I allow it sometimes I don’t.

( this is about interference of a demon at end of last message swearing at LP)


Jesus :( nodding up and down) This was a pathetic attempt. I won’t let anything or 

anyone harm you. 


(For H):


My son please please be at peace. I would not look at that ( Facebook) on the phone.

It brings nothing but longing and thoughts of despair. Jesus loves you My son.

Jesus says to you now: Peace be with you My peace I give you.You are a child of God. I will take from you, what is not from Me.

You are to be moulded. I want a perfect result! ( Jesus smiling)


I love you both. You are both My little ones, I am Jesus.

I have spoken.

I love you both and want you to think of Me often.




Father Son and Holy Spirit.


Friday 9th August 2019


2.55pm after Divine Mercy



I am Jesus born incarnate. I am so pleased you are with Me.


LP: I am too Jesus, I am too.




I have been given a wonderful insight into your life. This allowed Me to to know that you would go then come back to Me.



I can see how you would feel hurt (about old friend). Many years have passed since

your paths crossed. My child you are a giving person. This person here does not give. Only herself is her occupation. I do not want you to be in a position where she will change your mind on various issues. I want you

.....I want you all for myself. I am your protector. This world is quite ruthless. I want you to hide from it. You are doing well My 

child.I am pleased you and your Husband attend My house everyday. You need 

this because of the gift I have given you. 

I remember years ago when you asked to receive My words.

I gave you this because of your littleness.


LP: Thank you Jesus- I love you. 




10th August 2019 



LP at  home Husband at the park praying the Rosary 


Jesus for H: I am Jesus born incarnate. My Son I have given you a soul, that is a suffering soul. You can bring all the suffering with you when you come home. Peace is something you have to be open to. May you offer your pain to me. You have many fine pieces in your jigsaw. I will pick the most pure and put them together. My son I suffered a terrible terrible death. My pain was part of the 

plan. Children it was all for you! I know how much you can take.Now when you return you will read this and I will place my hand upon you.


I the Lord Jesus have spoken.


The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit 



Monday 12th August

8 am



I am Jesus born Incarnate. Oh my little one. You are My delight. In this life My love there is often so much tragedy. People suffer and do not turn to Me, but sometimes people only turn to Me when there is suffering. I want My children to think of Me every day. I do not find many who do this. If only people recognized Me. Even those who attend My church once a week they don’t love me.

They only go for their wellbeing in society. Otherwise they don’t know why they are even there.


LP : Do you mean Jesus they go to get their kids into school or social life?


Jesus: I can tell you that they go to show their faces. They don’t even tell me that they love me.



LP: What do you say Jesus about every single person yesterday at Church  that received your body in the hand ?


Jesus: My love I was actually very disheartened 


Note The priest is very much like a theologian 

or Historian. I asked him on leaving if he does Eucharistic Adoration. He replied with a short 

dismissive ‘ No we don’t do that here’.

Every single parishner receives the host on the hand. LP and I didn’t which is probably 

an inconvenience for the priest. These gradual changes are noticeable now in some Catholic 

churches . I’d imagine it’s more widespread than we realise. 

The orthodox are viewed suspiciously as being extremist old fashioned schismatic and 

possibly in the future I’d say as ‘evil’.




August 13th 2.25pm

after divine mercy 


LPs  head immediately shot up and smile formed.


Jesus: I am Jesus born incarnate 


LP: Oh My Lord if only I could see you 


Jesus: I have been waiting for you 


LP: Sorry Jesus 


Jesus:My child how many people actually love Me?


LP: Very few


Jesus:  I wait and I wait, I knock and I knock( head shaking in disappointment from side to side).

Where are my children? Where are my sheep? I want people to love me. I give people my love.They can’t see it because they are blind. When you are formed in your Mother’s womb you already know of my love. I can see the world is backwards now. I love you child and your love is so wonderful. 



I am your saviour.


You have been chosen you have been chosen child. My mercy will land on those who are worthy. I want you to pray that people come away from this pre historic life.


Yes that word is fitting! They live like animals.


( Jesus’s head shakes in disappointment)



LP asked about two sisters of her Fathers about where there souls are now:


Olive- bottom of purgatory 

Mary - bottom of purgatory 


LP asked about the parish priest.  The question

was where his soul will end up. 


The answer was ‘Hell’.




Monday 19th August 

2.27pm after divine mercy 


Before prayers the woman next door shouting loud doing some 

Voodoo quasi Christian ritual. We prayed for it to stop which it did.





I am Jesus born incarnate. I have come to you today to be with you.

My heart is on fire with love for you. You have brought me precious 

love. Not many souls on this earth give as much as you do to me. I want to protect your heart from pain. I have you fully under my wing.


LP asked again about the woman next door doing the occultist ritual.



Jesus: I am not at the centre of her prayers. She is diluting what she thinks is of God. My child people do all sorts of rituals. Her pattern is a little of psychotic nature and some of voodoo. 


My child do not bother yourself with her and I will bring you peace.





22nd August 2019


Queenship of our lady.At the park. Midday.




This is Jesus born incarnate. My love for you is so strong. I want you and My son to 

continue as you are. 

(Re: H)


I want him to be more patient. I have so much love for my son.


I want it to be a journey of peace. This is my love, this is my truth . I understand the 

perils of life. I am Jesus. Be at peace.




Friday 23rd August 





I want you, I am Jesus. I must tell you that you are so wonderful. My love I never tire 

of hearing your prayer requests. I am the powerful God. I grant what prayers I intend 

to grant. You have been a faithful servant for many years.


LP: I sinned though Jesus didn’t I .

Jesus: You did but I forgave you. 

I have planned that you will be in my presence in a different way. It will be one that will fill 

you with awe. 



LP: Wow 

Jesus: Yes! I will really surprise you My child.


LP( whispering) Will that be soon Father?

Jesus (whispering) I’m not saying smiling 




LP: About the priest  . Can he trust him Father?


Jesus: ( head shaking sideways to indicate No.)




24th August 2019





H has a Ugandan friend who will become a priest next year. Do you have words for him?

Answer from Jesus:

I am Jesus born incarnate.

My son I am very pleased you have chosen this way to live. My world needs priests like you.

I want you to stay close to Me. My blessings upon you ( nodding and smiling). My love is with you.


H has gone back on Facebook after four years. At first found it negative looking at relatives 

wealth etc. Jesus mentioned from those incidents it was best to avoid Facebook. Then H decided to use it to speak with other Christians. He also set up a group related to the messages .


Question H: Any message for group members.




Message from Jesus : (Smiling)’I have been very pleased with this effort.Something so small can gain much, much pleasant ways in this life. I will guide you. Please people (nodding) always be children of my Father. I will bless all those members who trust in me.


LP asked about cross in clouds:

Jesus:  I gave you a sign. This was My cross.

I am close to you both.



Monday 26th August 





My child this is Jesus born incarnate.


My love you do not need to be doubtful. My promise is that you will be My little prophet. I 

chose you. You are little. My love, this is not an easy journey. I have been a certain ‘thing’ in peoples lives. I AM not their God. 

I am brushed to the side and ignored. I am blasphemed, ridiculed and mocked. I don’t want to be treated in such a way. You and My son make me smile. There are not many like you both. I am so saddened by the treatment I get. You have been a saving grace to many. Without your prayers many souls will be condemned to hell. 






Make this clear to all you meet 


Thank you 


( Jesus was a little sad)




LP asked about H feeling unwell. 


Jesus: It’s nothing to worry about, he must drink more fluids.


I want to tell you I can feel all your pain,

all your hurts

all your sufferings 


I want to bless you now 


Father Son and Holy Spirit 



Wednesday 28th August 

7.06 am





My love this is Jesus born incarnate. 


My child when you are praising Me it really brings Me joy.

My children, please please praise your God. Children need their Father. Maybe if you put your busy life on hold, you will know him more. Children you are so pleasing if you do this. This life is not to be frittered away by pursuits of the flesh. My love is for all of you. My children 

I can see how many of you are living in distressed lives. Turn to Me. Turn to Me and feel My love. It is not hard. I put in your hearts when you are conceived a knowing of Me. When you are born your hearts are ready to 

receive Me. This is when My presence is with you . I wait for you to acknowledge 

me. Please listen to me. I am a wonderful parent. Only you can trust Me! Don’t 

trust the traps of this world. It is not a pleasant place to live. My life on this earth 

was very difficult. So I know what it is like to be on this earth. Please pray I am 


( Smiling) I can wait as long as it takes.


Be at Peace 

Be at Peace 

I am God 

I am Jesus 




Father Son and Holy Spirit 


Later that day during the afternoon LP was praying and H was out of the building. Jesus spoke briefly .LP involuntarily raised her arms and feet went together like a crucifixion. Then 

Interruptions occurred. The devils voice came out of her mouth and LPs hands gestured a strangling position. The devil called her a stupid woman etc with her messages.


Later at about 5pm the wi fi went dead and we could not fix it. 


During the night there was knocking sounds on the wall and the smell of cooking food. I felt a dark presence. We knew Satan was angry that messages are getting out there on social media; hence the WiFi. Plus the symbolic gesture to strangle which means ‘ keep quiet’ or ‘ don’t speak’.